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Weltrade: Stepan Demura about the conspiracy and Godel's theorem

Marketplace Forex, as well as financial markets in General, is characterized by extreme sensitivity to all kinds of stimuli, which are usually events that affect market dynamics. Some of these events are characterized by what happens behind the scenes, invisible to most market players. We decided to discuss with Stepan Demura, who is one of the most informed experts, what factors of the modern world order influence the markets the most and what the gödel theory has to do with it.

VSA analysis is the secret of successful trading from experienced traders

VSA analysis - analysis of changes in volume and price positions. In the original, it stands for volume spread analysis. This method attempts to combine technical and fundamental analysis.

What is VSA analysis?

In normal technical analysis, changes in the prices of a position are taken into account and analysis is based on such changes. But vertical volumes are not taken into account. In VSA analysis, both these factors are taken into account.

The theory of this method implies that there are several large players in the market who own or are able to buy a large volume of an asset. Buying or selling large amounts of assets, such players are able to influence the price - reduce it or raise it to the desired level.

The fundamentals of VSA-analysis laid down the American trader Richard D. Wyckoff, in 1908, And since 1911 Vaykoff began to make regular analytical summaries, relying on the volume and changes in prices for goods. His business was continued by another trader - T. Williams, who created the VSA, in the form that is used now. Later, many traders finalized the analysis for themselves and their achievements, but the basis remains the same for a hundred years.

Advisor for profitable Forex trading

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As we all know very well, it is only those people who have learned to control their own emotions to achieve significant success in financial markets.

Greed, fear, excitement, despair, the desire to quickly "recoup" in the event of temporary failure prevent to make rational, informed decisions not only for beginners. Even the gurus of financial markets, yielding to emotional weakness, sometimes make absurd decisions. For example, it is worth remembering the mistake of John Rusnak from Allfirst Financial, who did not want to recognize the loss, tried to win back the lost, eventually lost $ 691 million.

However, today it is absolutely not necessary to have a "steel" character in order to effectively trade and successfully earn. To exclude from the trading process the emotional component can be with the help of an adviser who is able to conduct automatic trading in real time.

The US real estate market shows growth

April 24 came just three news, reflecting the current situation with the real estate market in the United States of America. Published data on the composite index of consumer confidence and the cost of housing S & P / CS Composi-20. A report was also presented on the volume of sales of new housing in March. Real results more than double the forecasts of analysts.

Further steps by the US administration and the dollar's prospects will be key topics in the market in April

The first month of spring turned out to be rich in important events. The main theme for this period was the fears of market participants regarding the outbreak of a new trade war after the introduction of new tariffs for the import of steel and aluminum into the United States by US President Trump and customs duties on Chinese products. An important event was also the agreement by the representatives of the EU and Britain of the terms of the agreement on a two-year transition period after Britain's withdrawal from the bloc in 2019. In addition, investors monitored the monetary and credit policies of the world's central banks and watched the dynamics of the commodity market. The result of March was a moderate weakening of the US currency, a strong drop in US stock markets, a slight increase in the value of gold, as well as a large-scale growth in oil quotes.

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