Sunday 27.11.2022
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ContestFX - contests of traders from RoboForex this week (21.11.2022 - 27.11.2022)


Dear Traders!

This week at the ContestFX competition project will continue with the following trading competitions:


Autochartist analyzes for you!

Technical analysis is perhaps the most important tool when working in the Forex market. However, due to the fact that the number of methods and indicators too large, professional study of their becoming too long, but for beginners is a very complex topic. This is due to the fact that for the correct analysis of the current market trends must be understood that such a trend, correctly identifying it, not only to build auxiliary figure, but also to spell them correctly. For beginners to understand all this is very difficult.

Fortunately, currently developed and successfully established itself analytics service Autochartist. It is easy to use, works online, absolutely correctly identifies the figures that are just beginning to emerge. Reliable and absolutely spotless algorithm Autochartist makes it possible to free from routine calculations. This service can be fully relied upon, as it developed the best professional Forex analysts and forecasters. Easy and intuitive interface allows beginners to service not only to the correct and timely action, but also helps them to understand the work in time the foreign exchange market.

So, what exactly is Autochartist? First of all, it is - a convenient and reliable tool that: calculates the direction of market trends, and expects to build figures that reveal the best entry point in the transaction, and out of it. Thus, Autochartist becomes an attribute of the trading success of new traders. More experienced traders can use this service in order to receive a professionally verified decisions in cases of doubt.

With a highly professional analysts, who developed the program, Autochartist gives accurate trading signals, ensuring that the correct answer to the following questions are very important for any trader:

•  timely trade entry and timely exit from it;

•  optimal targets for each trading session;

•  the direction in which you want to open the transaction;

•  frequency of opening positions.

Service Autochartist perfectly accompanies the entire trading process on Forex, and helps traders (both beginners and professionals) tuned to take a decision in the very confusing situation in the market.

Service interface is extremely easy to follow, they will be satisfied even the most demanding and experienced users. Statistical database allows the trader to not only determine the current level of volatility, but also to assess the level of risk, and install turn-down order (Stop Loss and / or Take Profit).

User can customize their service so that it reads only the desired signals at the moment, set the desired time period and ask the trader graphical models.

Appearing on the Forex market, Autochartist has opened opportunities for successful trading of every trader, regardless of how much he knows about the forex market and how many years of working on it.

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  • на удивление больше недели зеркало работает)...
    26.11.2022 / 19:43 - slawon

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