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AUTUMN IS COMING! The collapse of markets in Europe and the United States can no longer be stopped. Crisis 2020, Coronavirus and the collapse of the dollar

The main pressing issue of the moment is not the collapse of the financial markets of the United States, but the period when all this will come. Professional investors are already confident that all this will happen before the end of the year!

Markets ignored everything negative. Until the middle of July, everything looked measured and good, it would seem there are no external influencing factors. Everything has changed over the past two weeks, the dollar has declined, and this is becoming a threatening systemic trend. Everything is no longer simple dynamics in certain ranges.

The S&P500 indicator does not show the exchange's mood. And the markets continue to ignore the layer of negative news information.

With a new force, coronavirus infection is spreading across countries.

Second round of the coronavirus is spreading even more widely. This topic is stubbornly ignored in the markets. The global scale of the epidemic has reached the Northern and southern parts of the United States, and Brazil is among the countries that are particularly affected by the pandemic. None of this can contribute to growth in the markets. The problem of suppression of coronavirus infection and remains insoluble. Because there is no mass use of the vaccine.

Money printing machines.

American financial system is overflowing with free funds, all this money is striving for turnover and income. The unemployed army is increasingly filling its ranks, and the state is forced to support the people as unemployment benefits. The bulk of money from the population does not turn in the commodity direction. Many people prefer to invest their money in stocks or other stable assets. This is currently the General opinion among ordinary citizens who want to protect themselves from the fall of the dollar.

America is filled with an incredible huge amount of money, which is calculated in trillions, space amounts, all these funds are intended to support the economy in the country. And they continue to discuss an additional infusion, the volume of which may amount to 2 trillion.

Sources: bloomberg

For the current five-year period, the balance volumes of the banking system will begin to grow sharply. The fed is planning to take the lead in all these processes. This is an opinion from Deutsche Bank specialist Jim Reid.

"Presumably the fed will do the following: introduce additional unprecedented stimulus by lowering the Federal Fund rate to -5%."

Investor Reaction to the market situation.

Growing dynamics in the stock markets do not mislead large investors who prefer to wait.

Private Owners, so-called retail investors with free cash accumulation with a prevailing enthusiastic optimism, as in the case of FoMO syndrome, which in English means Fear of missing out, means the fear of losing potential profits. The instincts of self-preservation recede, hunting and unrestrained profit guides their subconscious. This flow of money forms the mood of the markets by retail investors!

With a huge accumulated experience over many years, real professional investors do not make drastic trading decisions. More and more representatives of large hedge funds are leaving the stock markets in anticipation of the subsequent fall. At the volumes that they are currently operating in the markets, it will not have a dynamic impact. No steps are taken to acquire an asset. There is a waiting process to improve situations. Many experts agree with this tactic.

Also, Warren Buffett has long since been eliminated, gradually getting rid of some of the assets. But still, by the end of July, he took the step of buying out more than 11% of Bank of America (BofA) shares, thus his rights as the owner increased significantly, according to the Financial Times, the transaction amount was$800 million. Probably the main purpose of this transaction is to get high dividends, the method of which is short-term and security.

Luis teo is known as a professional strategist from the company Fall in US Stock Market explains the current situation in the market, fully confirms the General opinion of the company, hushed up by large investors.

“ Main pressing issue of the moment is not the collapse of the financial markets of the United States, but the period when all this will come.”

In the US, the authoritative financier Gary Schilling with full confidence declares a drop in the stock index by 30-40%!

The President of A. Gary Shilling&Co, Gary shilling, does not welcome the market situation, he tries to warn about the upcoming rally, which will involve many new inexperienced investors, and this is fraught with large losses and unfulfilled hopes.

Such price spikes in stocks in America, this is a bright classic example of a bear race, as happened in 1999. About all this, and tries to warn the billionaire investor.

National Debt of the United States is growing, which significantly provokes dollar stability, which is noticeably weakening. All that is happening, according to billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach, the stock markets will last a short period, and then only the entire economic situation will worsen, and the country's economy will get a new blow.

The anxiety of the upcoming devaluation is increasing.

Many people invest their savings in any assets that will be able to protect their funds as much as possible during this turbulent time. Gold is a priority asset.

Mass buying of gold with rising stock prices on the stock markets is nonsense in its own way.

In the mass accumulation of everything that is happening against the background of the spreading coronavirus, the process of “perfect storm” will soon cause a serious collapse of shares, which was observed in the March period. Get ready that this is already beginning to happen, and with the beginning of August, a Titanic shift in mood will begin, where unbridled optimism will end with the realities of life.

Analytical reviews of the main instruments:

Second acute moment of the financial crisis is inexorably Approaching. all signs point to a process developing in this direction. What are the forecasts and how will events develop for each individual market instrument on the market?

Gold will head towards $ 2500.

If the $ 2,000 milestone is reached in the near future, then we will see the$2,500 mark in the near future. And this is not the final price. During crisis spikes, the $ 2,800 mark, and even $ 3,000 mark become very real.

1400-priority number for S&P500!

Combination of all negative trends is likely to exert even more pressure than we expect. We cannot exclude a collapse in the S&P500 index in overcoming 2200 and striving to reach 1400.

Oil is on the verge of new shocks!

Oil market is almost frozen in anticipation of impending changes. Perhaps a sharp price jump to the $ 25 mark. The option of reaching $ 15 per barrel is not excluded, at times of peak situations associated with the crisis.

Despite such frightening assumptions, a return to a negative price is most likely not justified, due to the lack of conditions and factors that can affect it.

The Euro is expected to be around 1.1.

The Euro/Dollar currency pair will rush to the lower level. There are no prerequisites for reaching 1.20, so the most likely development will be 1.1, and possibly 1.09.

Analysts and financial experts strongly advise against accumulating dollar cash in large quantities. During a possible collapse of the us currency, it will be very difficult to exchange it. Our specialists offer to place part of the funds on a brokerage account for further purchase of gold or other stable currency. On the other hand, we want to draw your attention to the cryptocurrency market as an alternative to safe haven assets. With the massive collapse of the stock markets in America and Europe, bitcoin, for example, consistently demonstrates positive dynamics.

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Trading in financial markets with margin financial instruments has a high level of risk and may lead to losses and loss of investment funds. When starting trading, make sure that you are fully aware of all the risks, as well as have the appropriate knowledge and experience for trading.