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Competition «HOT 200» on demo accounts of Forex broker WELTRADE

In this article we will consider the issues that can arise from traders regarding of the contest on a demo account. Select the main ones:

1. What is the essence of the competition.

2. What steps do I need to take to register for the contest?

3. What you need to do to become a winner. Methods of dispersal of the Deposit.

4. How to use the bonus funds received as a result of the contest and continue to develop your account.

5. Video training course for beginners. What are the conditions for receiving a bonus in the amount of $ 50? and 100%, as well as other shares.

6. Reviews of traders about the reliability of Weltrade.

What is the essence of the competition?

Previously held Weltrade competition of the "HOT100", the winner of which was Vladyslav Protsenko. At the end of the competitive time, he began to trade such an asset as crypto Tools and such a strategy, his demo account took first place, and the profitability was more than 8000% per month. Weltrade decided to hold such a competition again, but this time the number of winners will be 200 traders. And the total prize Fund will be $ 50,000., which will be distributed among the first 200 contestants.

If You want to move to a new level of trading, then it is advisable to participate in the competition. After all, the amount of winnings will be the initial capital or the insurance Deposit in the trade. And is among the leaders of the contest, it is sufficient to apply simple techniques.

For Example, the winner of "HOT100" in time oriented in the revival of Bitcoin and began to buy it actively, including weekends. Perhaps this technique will be interesting to You.

There are no restrictions in the techniques, tactics and instruments used in trading. But take the advice – trade the instrument, which at this point has the maximum volatility. In this case, You will protect yourself from "motion sickness".

Since you will be working with the MetaTrader5 platform for two months, it is worth understanding the intricacies of its functioning before the contest. To do this, go to your weltrade account, select a Demo account with the MT5 platform and make a few test trades.

The Traders, who participated in Forex contest "HOT-100" and earned his starting capital, now kapitalisiert its profitability with the help of members and continue to develop accounts at the service of copy signals MQL5.com. This service was 144 for traders along the Data. Therefore, the contest "HOT200", the main task of which is to attract new talented traders.

It is Also worth noting that this time the Data made sufficiently convenient and simple functionality that allows you to track what instrument trades trader, and in what percentage.

Having Analyzed the TOP 5 traders who managed to maximize the initial Deposit, we can confidently say that most of them use cryptocurrency (BTC/USD) in their trading.

Here is an example of a trader who ranks 1st in the top with 200 other traders.

As you can see, it trades only on bitcoin. After analyzing this tool, the trader was able to $ 10,000. to do 275 202 USD.

The Trader, who occupies the 2nd place, not only uses Bitcoin, but also another tool – the EUR/USD currency pair, which is also very popular among successful traders. What is also seen on the chart.

So, register with the broker Weltrade.

You will receive an email with the code you need to enter in order to confirm your registration. Next you need to go to Your office and in the "Shares" open "HOT-200".

After you need to choose a way to display in the ranking – Your name or nickname.

After clicking the "Participate" button, you will receive an email with your password and trading account number.

We are Glad To welcome you, You have become a participant of the contest. We wish you victory!

What you need to do to become a winner in the competition. Methods of dispersal.

There Is the simplest method of overclocking, when using which only the initial Deposit amount is fixed. And when a Forex trader in the first transaction receives a profit, then the next transaction he risks the entire amount of this income. All the time.

The Second method works on martingale system. When an order is opened in 1 lot and it is closed with a loss, the next time you open the order must open 2, and maybe 2.5 lots so that the resulting profit covered the loss and brought the Deposit in plus.

But the most popular overclocking method is the "Averaging"strategy. In this case, when the price falls on open positions, the trader averages it by buying with the same lot after a certain number of points, and with the growth of the price, he will be able to earn 2 or even 3 initial deposits. This method has become the most common because of its simplicity. After all, when using it, you do not need to conduct a detailed analysis of the market. And if the strategy of "Averaging" to apply together with the strategy of martingale, the probability of profit increases many times.

Let's look at the latest strategy in numbers. A Forex trader buys EUR/USD 1 lot at a price 1,11523. First, the tool falls 50 points and is 1,11023, and then grows to the level of purchase. During this time we have not made a profit, but have not suffered a loss. But, if you apply the method of "Averaging" and buy every 25 points when the price falls, then the price increases to the level of purchase on the trading account will be $750. (50+25=75 and the price of 1 point is $10).

How to dispose of the bonus funds received as a result of the contest and continue to develop the account.

So, the contest is over. What are Your next steps? There are two options: you can continue to trade and make a percentage on the prize account or capitalize it. The majority of clients Weltrade choose the second option.

On the MQL5 platform, a trader has the opportunity to broadcast his / her trading by providing certain data of his / her account. Thus, more money is attracted. Imagine that You have become one of the winners of the contest and You have been awarded a bonus. You can of course continue to trade and make money. But let's try something else. Register on the MQL5 resource, also register your own signal, make its evaluation and only then start trading. All site participants will see your trades. If someone likes Your results, then you can subscribe, and for one subscriber per month will be charged at least $30. If You have good results, the number of subscribers will grow. This means that You have successfully applied the first stage of the program "Development of the trader's earning Potential".

You can view a video tutorial about connecting a private signal https://youtu.be/PkMnt-llCLk. The second stage of the program is a referral (affiliate) program. If You already have a trading account, as well as a signal, you can become a Partner of the company and thus earn on attracting customers to the company. Now You will have a referral link and a code under which you can link customers.

For Example, Weltrade affiliate program charges $12. for one lot traded on EUR/USD currency pair. Accruals vary for each trading instrument.

For example, Anna Zhytkevych consider how to capitalize the expense. Her signal is called AnnaFlat2. As of August 14, 2019, it traded 0.49 lots. If we assume that all subscribers Anna are its partners, and their seven people, then all get 3.43 lots, which is equivalent to $ 34.3. In other words, having an affiliate link, Anna has three sources of income from her trading account.

Anna trades using a trading robot. Thanks to this, its account is safe for 84 weeks, and the trader receives a stable profit. The very same account for this time increased by 1327%. These are results! But this is not the final figure. After all, new customers continue to subscribe, and this brings her additional income.

If you are just starting to develop in trading, but have a start-up capital, you can subscribe to an existing signal. To do this, you need to decide on a trader-Manager who has a constant income, and Weltrade will give You a coupon of $40. to subscribe to the selected signal in order to test it.

To get the coupon, You just need to go to the section "auto Trading" - "MQL5 Signals".

What is the secret of successful account capitalization? You need to constantly monitor your trading. It is also important to make effective decisions. To do this, you can use the strategy of "dispersal" of the Deposit. And we should not forget and pay due attention to indicators such as "Profit-factor" and "expectation".

If you wish, You can try yourself as an investor. There are a lot of systems for attracting investors, but let's focus on the most popular.

ZuluTrade is a well-known platform for copying signals of real traders from all over the world. He is the leader in the speed of attracting assets. The ZuluTrade website has traders trading with Weltrade. The most successful of them are 3 traders:

1) Real SGS ll – from the moment of registration signal has attracted 638 1 606 USD. and brought profit to investors in the amount of 26 958 dollars.

2) Osobye93 – during the existence of the signal attracted 429 1 842 USD. and profit in the amount of 21 507 USD.

3) The loudest was the success of a trader from Hungary – in just two months he had 961 subscribers, which is $28,830. passive income monthly. He together with Weltrade earn more than 13 years. And it speaks about trust, reliability and good work.

Manage your Forex funds and become a successful trader!

Video training course for beginners. What are the conditions for receiving a bonus in the amount of $ 50? and 100%, as well as other shares.

The Video of the Forex trading training course contains the basic concepts of price behavior as well as the forecast and cash management. The information provided by the rate allows you to get not only good, but also a stable profit.

And now let's talk about the action " $ 50 Bonus. for deposits from $ 50. and 100% Bonus when replenishing from $ 200.". Weltrade supports investors who want to trade Forex professionally and get a stable profit from it. For this purpose, the broker provides a cash bonus without any investment to start trading. What do you need to do?

You need to go to the site dohod.biz.

Then click "Get $50 bonus" and register.

After registration You need to open a new account type "Micro".

When You Deposit $ 50, You will automatically receive a bonus of the same amount.

The Advantage of a Micro account is that it is possible to open a trade with 0.0001 lots, and this reduces the risks when trading assets. This type of account is ideal to start working in the market, which gives you the opportunity to learn how to trade in the future on professional accounts.

As for the action "100% Bonus" - this is an opportunity to get the maximum income on the transaction. When you know which direction the price will move in an open trade, you can use the 100% bonus and get the maximum profit. If we translate this into figures, we will have the following picture. If you have a Premium account with a leverage of 1:1000 cash in the amount of 1000 USD. When using the 100% bonus, the purchasing power will be $ 2 million.

You can also Order this bonus in Your account on the Weltrade website.

Traders ' Comments about the reliability of Weltrade.

Satisfied customers are the best advertising for the company. About us write reviews on the Internet resources, making a video on YouTube and share opinions about earnings Weltrade. A good reputation is the most important thing.

In 2018, Weltrade organized a trader summit. The participant of this summit was a trader-analyst Stepan Demura – he made forecasts of the market.

What about the Data from traders clients?

Yes, there are different situations, and there are also different opinions about the company itself, about the quality of work, about communicating with customers, etc. But Weltrade copes with its work at 100%!

In Order to work with us, you just need to go to the Weltrade website and open an account for trading.

Based on the above, earning on Forex without investments is not a myth, but a reality. Participate in contest on demo accounts from the Data "HOT200", use the bonuses, traffic, receiving a steady income. Working on Forex, use any methods of earnings, including platforms for distribution of trading signals and the referral program. And the result will not take long to wait – You will get a source of profit, which will give the opportunity to develop in trading.

Conducting trading operations in financial markets with margin financial instruments has a high level of risk and can lead to losses and loss of investment funds. When starting trading, make sure that you are fully aware of all the risks, as well as have the appropriate knowledge and experience for trading.

If you have problems accessing the website or the Trader's Account, use any VPN service in the browser Chrome / Firefox.

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