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How to beat the broker on the binary market - a simple trading system

Every trader’s pipe dream in the binary market is a situation where the market participant constantly beats the broker and receives consistently high returns. Of course, the reality of this type of trading is that achieving such a result is almost unreal. Still, there are several trading conditions and strategies that will allow you to beat your broker. In this article, we will give an example of a trading system, which, thanks to its super accurate forecast signals, will allow you to bankrupt your brokerage company, and the broker will not be able to significantly affect your results.

How to beat the broker - the basic trading conditions

In this regard, it is necessary, firstly, to say that getting stable winnings from a broker is only possible in a relatively fair game (trading). If you cooperate with overt scammers, nothing will help you, and you will sooner or later lose your capital. In this situation, the broker toolkit is quite broad: non-market quotes, hang-ups, requotes, slips, and incomprehensible quote gaps during expiration. This will all prohibit you from effectively using binary options for profitable trading. Besides, even if you are somehow miraculously able to earn a certain amount of money, you won’t be able to monetize it - the broker will set impossible conditions for this, and you will lose it all again!

Hence this logical condition - to beat the broker, you need to work with a reliable company that values its reputation and provides professional services in the binary market.

In addition, you will need the following:

  • A professional and technological trading platform
  • The minimum conditions for trading
  • A good choice of assets
  • The main types of options and the optimal expiry times for them

The Binomo company is the main contender for the role of the bankrupt brokerage company.


This broker’s site offers the best list of efficient trading services:

  • A professional proprietary terminal with technological tools
  • Trading conditions with the minimum parameters - a minimum contract cost of 1 USD, an initial account of USD 10
  • A great choice of assets
  • The basic types of options with expiry ranges from 60 seconds to 24 hours

In addition, the Binomo broker’s platform has a highly effective demo platform that enables real-time testing of the system.

The binary trading system

The approach used in our system is built on the following list of indicators:

  • The MA 18 indicator Exponential type
  • The MA 28 indicator Exponential type
  • The MA 5 indicator Weighted type
  • The MA 12 indicator Weighted type

Choose the colors for these different types of indicators at your discretion.

  • The MACD 20/30/9 indicator

The system of indicators will look as follows on the asset chart:


Forecasts for binary options DOWN are formed using the following strategy indicators:

  • Short-periodic lines of the MA Weighted indicator intersect the moving averages of the EMA indicator going down
  • A classic reversal signal is formed on the MACD indicator as an intersection of moving averages going down


Forecasts for binary options UP are formed using the following strategy indicators:

  • Short-periodic lines of the MA Weighted indicator intersect the moving averages of the EMA indicator going up
  • A classic reversal signal is formed on the MACD indicator as an intersection of moving averages going up


These types of high-precision signals, having multiple stages of false input filtration, allow you to register more than 90% profitable positions on the market. With the correct money management and high trader activity, this will lead to the expected result - obtaining the maximum possible profit and bankruptcy of the broker. At the same time, the company's specialists will be utterly helpless and bewildered, as they cannot effectively legally impact your trading results.

Expiration and money management

The Binomo brokertime limits for contracts. Trading risks are set depending on the amount of working funds. With a minimum account balance, use transactions with the initial cost until your account increases to a higher amount. Next, we limit the risk level to 5% of your capital. For effective trading, use contracts with expirations of 120-240 seconds.

Thus, high frequency processing of orders, the right money management, and a precise signal strategy will lead to unconditional victory over your broker!

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