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Strategies for earning on binary options with a small account

The main problem for those who start trading with the minimum amount in their account is the choice of a strategy that will "accelerate" their capital to a more or less acceptable size. Strategies for earning on binary options with a small account exist, and now we will try to tell you about the most interesting of them.

A binary options strategy for $10 and the broker for trading

Even with just a few dollars in your account, you can achieve significant success in trading. Moreover, some brokers offer trading from an amount that for most of us is feasible, and its loss would not affect our wellbeing. And that wellbeing can be significantly improved using a minimal investment on binary options.

For example, theBinomo company offers trading starting at $10. With such a minimal investment in the company, you can trade transactions of $1, or open a ruble account for 500 rubles and conclude transactions starting at 100 rubles.

Strategies for earning on binary options with a small account - a selection of the best

To begin with, any strategy for binary options with 10 USD in your trading account requires the minimum transactions. That is, the risk should be no more than 1 USD. Only in such a way will you be able to preserve and increase the funds in your account!


#1 - a binary options strategy for 10 USD “Bollinger + MA”

In this strategy, we use 2 indicators - Bollinger Bands and the Moving Average. An exact selection of trading account parameters allowed us to achieve a highly accurate strategy, in which more than 70% of transactions closed with gains. In other words, for your first 10 trades you get 7-8 profitable closures and, accordingly, the first increase in your trading account, which will allow you to conclude 15 transactions. And so on…

The indicators are applied to the quote chart with the following parameters:

  • Bollinger Bands - period of 20 and deviation of 2
  • Moving average - period of 1 and Weighted method


Transactions are concluded on price reversals returning back inside the Bollinger channel after the quotes first went beyond it, and then closed inside in the opposite direction (a prerequisite is that the Moving Average goes outside of the channel along with the price). On the quote chart, it looks like this:


As you can see, all 6 transactions with profit. And anyone can do it!!!

#2 - a binary options strategy for 10 USD “Bollinger trend"

Further in our selection of earning strategies for binary options with a small account, we include another trading strategy with the Bollinger, which is also quite profitable, and won’t let you get bored trading on the first strategy.

The “Bollinger trend" strategy also uses the Bollinger channel with parameters (period of 20 and deviation of 2), but transactions are registered when the asset price intersects the centerline of the Bollinger going up or down. That is, the candlestick closes above the average Bollinger and we conclude a transaction up, or vice versa. It looks as follows on the asset chart:


#3 - a binary options strategy for 10 USD “Alligator”

Here is yet another method of trading, which we will consider in our compilation of strategies for earning on binary options with a small account. Trading on the "Alligator" system is carried out with the help of the Alligator indicator at the moment its lines intersect. It looks like this on the quote chart:


As you can see, to conclude transactions on this strategy, you must wait until the indicator lines intersect with each other, which will give the signal of a change in trend on the quote chart.

And, of course, this type of trading will allow you to trade with a high profit factor, making your trading account grow in size, rapidly increasing the initial amount of your investment. Our simple strategies for binary options are capable of all of this, and most importantly, so are you!

Test is, try it and, of course, make money!

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