Tuesday 03.08.2021
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VSA analysis is the secret of successful trading from experienced traders

VSA analysis - analysis of changes in volume and price positions. In the original, it stands for volume spread analysis. This method attempts to combine technical and fundamental analysis.

What is VSA analysis?

In normal technical analysis, changes in the prices of a position are taken into account and analysis is based on such changes. But vertical volumes are not taken into account. In VSA analysis, both these factors are taken into account.

The theory of this method implies that there are several large players in the market who own or are able to buy a large volume of an asset. Buying or selling large amounts of assets, such players are able to influence the price - reduce it or raise it to the desired level.

The fundamentals of VSA-analysis laid down the American trader Richard D. Wyckoff, in 1908, And since 1911 Vaykoff began to make regular analytical summaries, relying on the volume and changes in prices for goods. His business was continued by another trader - T. Williams, who created the VSA, in the form that is used now. Later, many traders finalized the analysis for themselves and their achievements, but the basis remains the same for a hundred years.

In VSA-analysis, three indicators are used:

1. The volume of trades by position.
2. The closing price.
3. Price spread - the difference between opening and closing a bar.

Knowledge and analysis of these variables provides an understanding of the market stage:

1. Accumulation is a strong offer, low prices, market makers buy assets.
2. Rising prices - there is little product, there is a demand, the price starts to increase.
3. Sale - the price has reached the right size, professionals are starting to fold their positions;
4. Decline in price - the price decreases, volumes grow

It turns out that the volume and form the price, and do not take them into account is dangerous - the whole picture is not visible.

So it turns out familiar to many traders, newcomers the situation - saw an uptrend, just entered it, and immediately the price turned. And all because the volume of transactions is not taken into account.

That's why, in the realities of VSA, it is said that the strength of the market is manifested in a downward price - that is, the volumes are growing and the price is falling. And the weakness of the market manifests itself with the growth of the price - there is no volume, the price grows.

The volume is the driving force of any market. As the engine of the car - it gives the price a certain movement. It's not for nothing that, to launch any position on the market, the exchange is looking for a special participant - a market maker, who will create the necessary volume of trades to revive the trade.

Advantages of the method

The popularity of VSA analysis is determined by its advantages:

  • great for working with stocks - has been repeatedly tested in many markets, including the NYSE in the United States
  • is equally effective in different markets - urgent, commodity, stock
  • allows you to make a forecast of changes - and not only to determine the cause of an event that has already taken place.

That is why, VSA analysis is so revered in the market environment and is mandatory for traders who want to profit and work as a professional. Trading on the stock exchange using VSA is not just a game of roulette, it is a serious approach, which involves understanding the methods and methods of the market, understanding the logic of the market and market makers.

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