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Weltrade: Stepan Demura about the conspiracy and Godel's theorem

Marketplace Forex, as well as financial markets in General, is characterized by extreme sensitivity to all kinds of stimuli, which are usually events that affect market dynamics. Some of these events are characterized by what happens behind the scenes, invisible to most market players. We decided to discuss with Stepan Demura, who is one of the most informed experts, what factors of the modern world order influence the markets the most and what the gödel theory has to do with it.

Stepan Gennadievich, the United States today takes the position of a world leader, and often take on the role of moral authority, in a soft, and sometimes not very, form prompting one or another country, how to behave. But I remember Yugoslavia. What can we say about this?

For an objective assessment of their actions, someone needs to explain. What is now called the international rules is the result of the foreign policy of the Americans, you can even call them the authors of these rules. They themselves initially did this for their own purposes. Yes, today they are the number one country in all senses, they are the strongest in the "jungle" have virtually limitless opportunities in actions. And if you understand this, looking at the actions of the United States, I could say that they are very intelligent in General.

Americans, at least, keep their word. It seems to be a simple thing, but the same Russia for some reason is not capable of it. But the United States, in fact, can literally 2-3 weeks to destroy one of the strongest countries. But, note, they behave even in this matter very delicately.

But in a number of other cases their delicacy disappears somewhere. I look in Wikipedia the list of the wars begun by the USA, or initiated them about 300.

Well, the jungle is what you want. Here are the rules.

Then, perhaps, it would be more honest to replace the international rules with one point: who is stronger is right.

Possible. But let us not go into repetition of the obvious facts. I propose to look at the question from the other side. And who would be better than the US in the role of world leader without actually having the limiters? Think at leisure. And you will realize that they are probably the best option.

The Authors of one study argue that the entire financial world is managed by only 1 transnational Corporation, and 1380 being, in fact, part of this very global.

I think the authors of this study are deceiving us and themselves.

I Know what study you're talking about, and I've seen the numbers, too. Why not believe? I am convinced that if this Corporation really was what the authors of this study are trying to present to us, we would never have known about its existence. That's obvious to me.

Then I will remember your words about the santiment oil 10%, at a time when after happened minus 30%. Maybe it is someone made?

And I even know who. Market crowd. It is the market. No one else could have done it.

I understand. You deny even the possibility that there is someone who could manage the world's finances.

Exactly. I've thought that in fact could itself of all the assets of the world very successfully to manage. If we use your logic. I have 12 years make predictions, say, on oil, on the decisions of the fed. I have 80% accurate predictions. You know, so you think I'm the man who runs all the finances in the world?

But seriously, the very emergence of a single control center is simply impossible. This can be confirmed by gödel's theory. She says that the market is characterized by the constant occurrence of events that are simply impossible to calculate. And the strength of these events and their peculiarity is that they are completely destructive for any common control system. You can make a lot of effort to build a complex system of controlled checks and balances in the market, in order to deploy the market the way you want. But at any moment there is an event that was impossible to take into account and everything, the system is bursting into lice. This is the market, it is, and nothing can be done about it.

And finally. Butterfly effect and attenuation effect. What's stronger?

Butterfly Effect, it is triggered when the system is ready to go from one phase state to another creation, attenuation begins after the transition.

Thank you.

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