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Action «100 euro for knowledge» and «100 euros for risk» UMIS

umisUMIS company invites you to participate in new events!

«100 euros for knowledge»
Upon opening a trading account in the company UMIS you have the opportunity to receive a reward of up to 100 euros in your account when the result of your first positive trade. *

«100 euros for risk»
By participating in this action, upon opening a trading account in the company UMIS you have the opportunity to receive compensation of up to 100 euros on your account if the result of your first transaction is negative. *

Proposed to your attention the shares can not be combined, so you must choose only one of them, the most suitable to you.
To register for the shares, you should personally contact the company via email or directly to the office.
The action will take place from 09 to 30 April 2012.

* The amount is credited to your trading account with the first of next month. If the initial deposit amount is less than 30 000 rubles, the amount of compensation Captive. During the campaign you are free to dispose of the funds from my account, but if the amount of contributions received minus the amount withdrawn is less than the amount originally credited, such an account is not involved in the action. Promotion is valid for trading instruments of Forex.

09 April 2012

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Is it worth taking Forex deposit bonuses? Analysis on the example of NPBFX

Forex bonuses

Forex bonuses have long ceased to be know-how. Not surprising. Marketplaces, offline hypermarkets and even convenience stores - almost all of them today seek to attract us as consumers of goods and services with profitable bonuses. Bonuses include various promotions, loyalty programs, and more. It is logical that in the pursuit of profit on a trading account, traders are looking for brokers who offer Forex bonuses. But is it possible to put an equal sign behind every bonus on Forex and then write the word "benefit"? And is it worth taking deposit bonuses at all?

Summer Marathon Try, Trade, Win! FIBO Group

Summer Marathon Try, Trade, Win!

Any FIBO Group client who has a demo account can participate. A participant may not register more than one contest account during the contest. Participants must register to participate in the competition through the client's Personal Account.

The competition period is from April 29, 2024 to August 30, 2024. Each new round of the competition starts every Monday at 00:00 EET.

NPBFX invites you to a training webinar on fundamental analysis, April 18 at 20:00 Moscow time

fundamental analysis

Market professionals constantly monitor economic events because they know that news, statistics and politics affect the movement of quotations. Events can change the value of assets and even the direction of the trend. It is important for traders to keep an eye on the news agenda so as not to miss the opportunity for high-yield speculation. What do you need to know about politics and economics in order to correctly predict prices? What fundamental factors should traders follow in order to make money? Find out the answers to the most important questions from experts at the joint webinar "Fundamental analysis of Price Movements" by NPBFX and the FX-Instructor Distance Education Center. The webinar is held in an open format, everyone can participate.


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