Thursday 19.05.2022
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Action «30%+10% New Year bonus» LiteForex


Regular customers of LiteForex know Company’s good traditions – the ability to offer excellent gifts and make the expectation of Christmas and New Year even more pleasant. This time, in advance of our favorite holidays, we give you a new and unique promotion “30%+10% New Year bonus”.

During the month - from 14th of December, 2011 till 14th of January, 2012 - we not only increase the deposit bonus up to 30%, but also credit additional 10% bonuses to the accounts which participate in this promotion!

To take part in the “30%+10% New Year bonus”, all you need is to register your trading account, which must be opened during the promotion period, in the LiteForex Client’s Cabinet, and deposit $100 into this account. The 30% Bonus is credited for all funds deposited during the promotion.

Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to get the 10 % bonus on every deposit that takes part in the holiday’s promotion. Actively trading and at the same time refraining from non-trading (withdrawal/transfer)operations on the account-participant during one month, from the moment of the account registration for the promotion “30%+10% New Year bonus”, you can get the 10% deposit bonus in addition to the credited 30% bonus, which you can withdraw without any difficulties.

14 December 2011

17.01.2012 / 06:47
Получить бонус 30% на все пополнения
от $100 и возможность начисления дополнительного бонуса в размере 10% на все счета, открытые в период действия новогодней акции, Вы сможете еще в течение месяца - с 14 января по 14 февраля 2012 года.

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  • Безопасно ли брать микрозайм через интернет ...
    18.05.2022 / 14:22 - SmileFace

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