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Action «Feesback» от LiteForex!

LiteForex Comission

Dear Clients,
From today and till the end of April LiteForex is reimbursing the fees charged by payment systems when depositing in trading accounts. The very sum that you have transferred will be deposited in your trading account.

The LiteForex Company fully reimburses the fees charged by payment systems when depositing more than $500 in the account.

Take advantage of the “Feesback” promotion!

Reimbursement of the fees of payment systems: Conditions

1.  The reimbursement of the fees charged by payment systems when depositing in the account will be paid from11.03.2013 till 01.05.2013.
2.  The LiteForex Company will reimburse its clients for the fees they have paid to payment systems when depositing funds in their trading accounts.
3.  The fees charged by electronic payment systems will be reimbursed automatically in case of a single deposit of at least $500.
4.  The reimbursement of deposit fees is paid on condition that a deposit has been made by use of any payment method available in the Personal Profile except Boleto Bancario, TBL, and Pago en Efectivo.
5.  The deposit fee charged by a payment system will be reimbursed and paid into the same trading account that the funds have been deposited in.
6.  The reimbursed fees of electronic payment systems act as credit funds and can be used in trading right after they have been paid.
7.  For the credit funds to be added to the account balance, at least 30 transactions with the volume of at least 30% of the reimbursed amount are required.
8.  The fee charged when depositing by bank transfer will be reimbursed as real money paid into a client’s trading account provided that the deposit exceeds $100.
9.  The fee charged when depositing by bank transfer will be reimbursed only on condition that the Client has provided a copy of a document confirming the transfer with the indication of the amount paid to the sending bank and beneficiary bank. The fee charged by the correspondent bank will not be reimbursed.
10.  A Swift-copy of payment and the fee reimbursement application must be sent to finance@lite.forex. The reimbursement will be paid within 2 business days upon the reception of the application.
11.  The reimbursement for the fees of electronic payment systems within the framework of the “Feesback” promotion does not apply to the PAMM accounts. The bank fees are reimbursed into the accounts belonging to the PAMM system individually, on demand.
12.  The LiteForex Company reserves the right to request Client’s further identity information in order to pay back deposit fees.
13.  The LiteForex Company reserves the right to refuse to reimburse deposit fees without giving reasons.
14.  The LiteForex Company reserves the right to cancel at any time and with no reason given credit funds deposited earlier as well as cancel the results of any transactions conducted by use of credit funds.
15.  The LiteForex Company reserves the right to cancel credit funds if an account balance is negative.
16.  In case the Client withdraws or transfers funds to another account after the reimbursed fee has been paid, the LiteForex Company reserves the right to cancel the reimbursement or reduce its amount in this account.
17.  The credit funds may not be transferred to another account.
18.  The credit funds are valid for 1 year from the date of reimbursement.
19.  When calculating the total volume of closed transactions (see item 7), we do not consider:
-  deleted and canceled pending orders;
-  transactions whose duration is less than 2 minutes;
-  artificial trades;
-  transactions resulting in less than 3 points of profit/loss.
20.  LiteForex has the right to terminate the “Feesback” promotion or amend its conditions at any time and without special notification.

22 March 2013
Conducting trading operations in financial markets with margin financial instruments has a high level of risk and can lead to losses and loss of investment funds. When starting trading, make sure that you are fully aware of all the risks, as well as have the appropriate knowledge and experience for trading.

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