Wednesday 08.12.2021
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Promotion «Apple Bonus»: top up your account and get a chance to win a MacBook Pro and other prizes


Have you wanted to do trading for a long time, but there was no suitable reason? Now it is there — for all new customers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan, Alpari launches the "Apple Bonus" promotion! Top up your account in the amount of 300 USD and get the opportunity to win a MacBook Pro and other valuable prizes from the famous brand.

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Action «LF Boom» LiteForex

LiteForex LF Boom

LiteForex group of companies constantly takes care of its clients. We’re opening a season of new bonus programs that don’t have any analogs at the online trading market. Registering for the LF Boom promotion, each participant gets $200 deposited in his trading account as a welcome bonus. To take part in the promotion, you need to open a LF Boom account in your Trader’s Cabinet.

The LF Boom promotion starts on the 17th of May and will be valid till the 15th of June 2011, inclusive.

Bonus monetization terms

1. Bonus can be monetized (become available for withdrawal from trading account) in the process of trading on your LF Boom account.

2. Trading tools – all which are available in LiteForex Group of Companies except CFD of NYSE STOCKS.

3. Participant can use trading advisers and any trading strategies without any limits in accordance with the rules of the promotion, “Terms of use” and “Agreement on Quoting System and Transactions Procedure”.

4. Monetization of bonus funds is made in equal installments of $20 in accordance with the following formula:


Where: TotalPipsCost – total cost of 1 pip per each transaction, carried out on the bonus account;

The formula takes into account positive earnings, number of trading operations and their volume. Calculations are made automatically and displayed in the progress bar of your Trader’s Cabinet.

The following is not taken into account during monetization of the bonus:
- Transactions which last less than two minutes;
- Transactions where amount of gains/losses is less than three pips;
- Synthetic locks, including incomplete.

5. Number and volume of all trading operations carried out on your own funds will also be considered for bonus monetization. Profit gained with the help of your own funds is available for withdrawal without any limits.

6. When conditions of monetization are implemented bonus automatically becomes available for withdrawal. In your Trader’s Cabinet you can keep track of statistics for this type of account including the amount of funds available for withdrawal and status of implementation of conditions of bonus monetization.

7. Bonus LF Boom is available for monetization during 180 days after it was gained.

8. LiteForex Group of Companies has the right to deny participation in the promotion without explanations.

9. In case of violation of rules of the promotion LiteForex Group of Companies is entitled to cancel previously deducted bonus

10. LiteForex Group of Companies can change terms and conditions of the promotion at any time with a subsequent notification of the promotion participants, through the website of the LiteForex Group of Companies.

17 May 2011

15.06.2011 / 05:18
Акция LF Boom продлена до 6 июля 2011 года.

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