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Action «Secret access to Forex. + 10% on profitable accounts» Forex4you

Forex4you Top Secret

Company Forex4you ready to make your trading in the Forex market really highly profitable! Only on this page possible to open the Classic-account, which you will be charged weekly bonus of 10% for all successful transactions!

The proposal focused primarily on experienced traders. Forex4you always pays special attention to customers who already have experience in market rates and have passed from the experiments to date earnings.

Terms of action:

Applies to the type of account: classic; 10% credited to the positive difference every weekend for all open and closed transactions for the week. If the overall result of these transactions is negative, the bonus is not credited.


Suppose you have opened on Monday a deal lot of EURUSD 1.00 and closed it on Wednesday with a score of plus 650 USD, on Tuesday opened and closed two deals on Lot 0.50 GPBUSD with the result of minus 150 USD for one, plus another 250 USD for an additional 0.60 USDCHF opened in Thursday and Friday at 1.50 GPBUSD and decided to keep them open until next week. At the close of the market on Friday the result of floating on them amounted to minus 180 and plus USD 600 USD respectively.

Calculating your bonus will be as follows:

(650-150+250-180+600) * 10% / 100% = 117 USD

03 October 2011

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