Thursday 20.01.2022
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Double Your Cashback promotion: great discounts Alpari


With the holiday season right around the corner, you’ll have a lot more free time for trading in financial markets! And Alpari has great news for everyone who intends to trade actively during this period. We’re launching the Double Your Cashback promotion with excellent bonuses available under the Alpari Cashback program for the most common and routine transactions:

Compete for a $100,000 prize pool in Stock Battle


Registration is open! Join for free using a demo account. A total of $ 100,000 will be awarded to the most active traders. The 1000 participants with the highest account balance will win. You can participate on any day of the stock exchanges.


Action «Spreads in half» FreshForex


The company «FreshForex» with iHedge Technologies represent the long-awaited premiere on FX in 2013 - an action-bestseller "Spreads in half". Become a hero of the new movie and get a return spread to 50% on your bill «Classic» right now!

Bargain a plus? Take more!

Plug biggest return spreads on Forex $ 5 per lot for profitable trades and earn the maximum.

Recently, Forex and just learn to trade? Cut in half spread!

Especially for you reduces spreads by 1 point - return $ 10 from each lot on losing trades.

Action conditions:

1.  Dates of action from March 4 to June 1, 2013.

2.  The promotion is valid only for accounts «Classic», the number of connected accounts indefinitely.

3.  To connect to the shares must pass verification process personal data in the Dashboard.

4.  To account for the private commercial transactions and the remuneration client itself connects to stock trading account in the Dashboard.

5.  When connected to the action of at least one trading account, all trading accounts in the personal account will be automatically and permanently disabled from service "Return Spread».

6.  At its option the customer can choose in the Dashboard only one of two schemes of compensation for all trading accounts attached to shares:
6.1.  Figure 1: 5 USD per 1 unit of trading on closed profitable trades.
6.2.  Figure 2: 10 USD per 1 unit of trading on closed losing trades.

7.  The financial result in a closed transaction recorded amount of the trading result, as well as accrued swaps and commissions.

8.  Deal with zero financial results are not included in the shares (interest paid on them is not).

9.  Interest calculated in proportion to the volume of closed transactions, calculated on the trading account at the end of each week and is available for sale or withdrawal without any restrictions.

10.  No more than once a week, in the absence of open business transactions at all connected, the customer can change the fee structure for the shares in the Dashboard. The new scheme comes into force from the beginning of the next trading week.

11.  The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and duration of this campaign.

12.  The Company reserves the right not to charge fees and disconnect the client from the action unilaterally, if found abusing the terms of this promotion.

04 March 2013

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  • А кто-нибудь знал, чем опасна оленья кровосо...
    19.01.2022 / 15:18 - Berik1990

  • Если бы только она не была такой рискованной...
    19.01.2022 / 14:58 - krasnov

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