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Celebrate the New Year with StreamForex bonuses! Promotion - «New Year 2023»!

The New Year is less than a week away, and you can get gifts now! On the eve of the New Year holidays, StreamForex has launched a new campaign – "Happy New Year 2023"!

ContestFX - contests of traders from RoboForex this week (03.20.2023 - 03.26.2023)


In the coming week, the RoboForex ContestFX project is waiting for everyone to participate in the following sweepstakes:


Action «Three amulet» FreshForex


Meet a parade of planets with the ancient Mayan amulet that brings good luck!

Three symbols of wealth, wisdom and power - the great charms of the ancient Mayan civilization - will help overcome any disasters and will give good luck in money matters. Each of them will get only the most successful customers and partners «FreshForex». Do not miss your chance!

Amulet Sun

Unique charm is made of pure silver of Mexico, right to receive 1500 USD to the trading account. Just fill up your trading account in the amount of 200 USD, and will make at least 10 trades during the promotional period - from 1 to 21 December. In the day of the end of the world, our computer will automatically select one of the closed orders. The trader, who opened this order will be declared the winner. Thus, the more transactions - the better your chances of winning!

Amulet Moon

Amulet of the Moon is made of Sterling Silver, is awarded to the most active and lucky partner «FreshForex» and the right to receive 1000 USD for an affiliate account. Simply attach to your affiliate account for 3 or more customers during the promotion - from 1 to 21 December 2012. On the day of the parade of planets, our computer will automatically select one of the trading accounts of clients who were attracted by our partners. Thus, the more customers you have managed to secure for themselves, the better your chances to win a prize!

Amulet Earth

Silver Amulet Earth enables to receive 500 USD for a merchant account. Every day, from 3 to 21 December 2012 our new analyst shark Mo-Neb will publish its forecasts for the system "Three Amulet." The one who guesses the most number of forecasts shark Mo Naby on the most popular currency pair EURUSD. Participate in the campaign is very simple - for suggesting the EURUSD price at the close of trading in the special thread on our forum. Every day we award 50 USD bonus on the account the new winner, whose forecast for the day was closest to the forecast shark Mo Naby.

The drawing of the three Rewards Maya held on the day of the Last Day - December 21, 2012. You must attend!

02 December 2012

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