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Bonus «$ 50 to account» AveTRADE


AveTRADE offers to all its customers a unique opportunity to get $ 50 bonus on your trading account.

In order to get a bonus, you need to register a real trading account and place an order for a bonus.

The promotion is valid until November 1, 2010.

Terms of the campaign:
1. Opportunity to enter the trade with U.S. $ 50, received a bonus from the company only when registering the account type bonus study via the Internet or compulsory attendance a free lecture courses in the company AveTRADE.
2. Possibility of replenishment of the bonus study accounts only for course-work in the office.
3. Activate account of this action takes place with $ 50 received as a bonus from the company and received $ 100 as a bonus when you study at the company office.
4. Activation accounts for this action does not provide an independent input of client's money.
5. With registration for this promotion, as well as when opening an account for bonus-study, must select the type of merchant account - "Bonus study", which will be credited $ 50 (or equivalent in foreign currency) and the amount of bonus-study.
6. On the type of account bonus study minimum lot 0.01, step - 0.01, the account is active for trade.
7. At the unwillingness of customers to participate in the action (s), register by Standard, with a threshold of activation of U.S. $ 1000 and a minimum size of contract 0.1 lots.
8. If the client expresses the wish to bring in money to trade on your account, you must send in e-mail: account@avetrade.com request to change the type of account with "bonus-study" to "Standard". Reverse action to change the account type is not provided.

Rules and the essence of the action:
Any client company has received when opening an account "bonus study" $ 50, and / or client who receives in addition to this account $ 100 bonus during the course of the company's office, has the right to withdraw the maximum amount of U.S. $ 100, if commission on the account number of transactions volume of 10 lots.

Conditions of output:
In transactions on the account, totaling 10 lots, the client is entitled to apply for withdrawal of a lump sum of $ 100 through a personal account on the website by anyone with a standard way. In this case, the derivation of this sum account balance is frozen and the account is transferred to the account type "Standard" and can be activated only when the completion of the necessary amount of remaining funds to the standard threshold for activation of the real account in accordance with company standards. Translated at the balance subject to the rules of inference of bonuses from the accounts of the "Standard".

02 July 2010

08.08.2010 / 15:08
10 лотов, многовато как то.. да и максимальная сумма вывода всего 100 баксов, лучше уж в акции FxCompany поучаствовать
Алексей Андрианов
07.05.2012 / 08:28
Через сколько я получу свои деньги?

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