Wednesday 30.11.2022
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Deposit bonus +100% and VPS server as a gift from World Forex


World Forex presents a unique promotion and offers to get a bonus +100% on the amount of each deposit and a free VPS server for 30 days.

ContestFX - RoboForex trader contests this week (11/28/2022 - 12/04/2022)


Dear Traders!

This week, the ContestFX competition project offers you the following draws on demo accounts:


Bonus program «Up to 50% for deposits» Forex4you

Program is based on the concept of "Rebate". In the area of promotion speed internet trading rebate means a return of the commission (spread) as a bonus.

Bonus in the form of credit (credit bonus) for the amount of replenishment of the account. The bonus is given from 5% to 50% on the form Autorecharge in the Personal Area. Bonus for refill via any payment system for automatic enrollment.

Credit bonus actually increases the leverage of the account (or free funds for opening new positions). In this case, the bonus credit can not be played, the deal will be closed forcibly, if available funds in the account will be equal to or lower credit bonus. Also, bonus credit can not be withdrawn until you have complied with the conditions of sales.

In order to withdraw the bonus you need to key condition in terms of turnover: 50% of the spread of closed deals within two months must be enrolled loan amount of the bonus. Subject to the conditions of this credit bonus is deducted and the balance is debited in the form of surgery. After two months, the bonus will be deducted if the condition of sales will not be fulfilled.

For transactions with a higher lot, the following multiplying factors: more than 1 lot to 10 lots - coefficient 1.1, more than 10 lots - coefficient 1.2. Thus, the higher the transaction volume, the condition of turnover will be faster. In other words, for transactions in excess of 1 lot back more commission (spread): 1 to 10 lots - 55% spread over 10 lots - 60% spread.

For any withdrawal of funds is verified relation credit bonus with the remainder of funds. If the credit bonus after the withdrawal of% of balance more than the size and condition of turnover in the account are not met, the bonus credit is deducted from the account in full.

Calculation of compliance with the terms of turnover takes place automatically when the corresponding request from the Personal Cabinet. Conditions for several enlisted bonuses are processed by the following rule: FIFO - first enrolled, first worked out.

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25 June 2010

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