Friday 17.09.2021
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Bonus up to 50% for every deposit! TradeFort


We are pleased to inform you about the launching of our new bonus program: Now you can get a bonus of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50% for every deposit!

1. Most friendly conditions on the market for bonus withdrawal.
2. You can get bonus unlimited number of times.
3. The bonus is credited instantly to you account.

Plunge into the exciting world of forex trading and earn 50% more with deposit bonus from TradeFort!

Bonus program conditions:

1. To withdraw the bonus from the account you must make within 3 calendar months starting from the date of the bonus accrual the trading turnover according to the formula:

Bonus amount in currency of the account / 4.

Example: you deposit 1000 USD, you choose a bonus of 50% and get 500 bonus USD. 500 / 4 = 125. Thus, in order to withdraw the accrued bonus you have to make a turnover of 125 lots within 3 months. If the value of lots is presented by a fraction, only the first digit after the decimal point is used to determine the volume. For example if we got the arithmetic result 125.45 than only 125.4 lots must be traded.

2. You can receive as many bonuses on your account as you wish. You just need to make a deposit. You can combine and use together your Welcome Bonus and Deposit bonuses on your every account. 3. In case of losses , the amount of accrued bonuses are not blocked when your funds are lost and will be still supporting your positions. When the amount of your deposited funds becomes less or equal to the amount of received bonuses the last bonus that you got will be canceled automatically.

For example: You deposited 500 USD and got the bonus of 50% 250 USD. Later you deposited another 500 and again got 50% bonus 250 USD. Your Balance is 1500. If the price goes against you and your deposited funds become less than 500 the first bonus of 250 will be canceled on your account and you can continue your trading with your funds and second bonus until the situation will repeat or the price will go in your direction.

So you can still continue to fight with the market.

4. In the case you received several bonuses, the conditions in terms of trading turnover starts in a chronological order with the first bonus, than with the second bonus etc . In your Trader’s Room, in the "Bonus" section the comprehensive statistics of your bonuses is displayed: the bonus amount, the date of accrual, lots traded. On the same page, you can cancel your bonus at any time as you wish.
5. The total amount of bonuses on one account (depending on the currency) can not exceed 5000 USD or EUR 3500.
6. Total current (before the turnover conditions according to condition number 1 are met) amount of bonuses for all accounts of the trader may not exceed U.S. $ 15,000.
7. Until the turnover conditions are met (condition number 1) only trading profits are available for withdrawal. If the trader wants to withdraw his own funds, he should cancel bonus. After the conditions for trading turnover are met there are no restrictions for withdrawals either his own funds or bonuses or both.

Example: you deposited to your account 1000USD, you choose a bonus of 50% and get 500 USD bonus. Next, you have earned $ 750. In this example, you can only withdraw $ 750 profit, if the bonus had not yet worked out (turnover conditions are met). If you cancel your bonus, you can withdraw all funds without any restrictions.

8. In the case of fraud the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus accruals and profits derived from trade with bonuses without prior notice.
9. Partners will receive a commission according to the proportion of client’s own funds. If the customer account 90% own funds and 10% bonus - you get 90% of the normal commission. Once the client meets the requirements of paragraph 1, or cancelation of the bonus will take place according paragraph 3, or client cancels the bonus, partner’s commission will be calculated as usually.

20 October 2011

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