Tuesday 18.01.2022
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Double Your Cashback promotion: great discounts Alpari


With the holiday season right around the corner, you’ll have a lot more free time for trading in financial markets! And Alpari has great news for everyone who intends to trade actively during this period. We’re launching the Double Your Cashback promotion with excellent bonuses available under the Alpari Cashback program for the most common and routine transactions:

Compete for a $100,000 prize pool in Stock Battle


Registration is open! Join for free using a demo account. A total of $ 100,000 will be awarded to the most active traders. The 1000 participants with the highest account balance will win. You can participate on any day of the stock exchanges.


Debit Card for free + $50 bonus! NordFX

nordfxAs a part of the strategy of granting its clients with bonuses and premiums NordFX is pleased to announce mutual promo-action with electronic payment system Payweb!

During the period of December 1th to 15th, 2010, each client of our company has a unique opportunity to get Payweb debit card attached to his own personal bank account - for free (account opening fees already paid up by NordFX)!

Previously only our premium clients had such opportunity. Now it’s available to all our clients – and then some: each client who orders a Payweb debit card during this promo-action, will get an e-check for $50, which can be used for the purpose of funding his respective trading account!

In order to participate in this action, you need to follow these few easy steps:
1.  Register an account with Payweb;
2.  Send a participant application to Payweb Support team (you should include your trading account number with NordFX);
3.  Order Payweb debit card following the instructions;
4.  Receive an e-check for $50 upon receipt and activation of your debit card;
5.  Use it to credit your trading account with NordFX.

By taking part in this promo-action you get:

-  Easy and quick way to withdraw funds from your trading account;
-  Your own personal bank account with instant internet access;
-  Debit card, attached to it, allowing you to shop at retails, pay for goods and services online and withdraw funds at ATMs worldwide;
-  And, finally, $50 bonus to your NordFX trading account, which shall back your current trades or serve as a good start for newcoming traders.

This offer is limited for two weeks only, December 1th to 15th, 2010! If you have any questions, you can get answers in real-time at ‘Live Help’ section at NordFX website or address your request to Payweb support team.

We are sure that the services offered within this action will save our clients time and money as well as improve and bring more comfort and easiness to their lives - with the help of NordFX and Payweb.

▌Read more at NORD FX

01 December 2010

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