Tuesday 18.01.2022
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Double Your Cashback promotion: great discounts Alpari


With the holiday season right around the corner, you’ll have a lot more free time for trading in financial markets! And Alpari has great news for everyone who intends to trade actively during this period. We’re launching the Double Your Cashback promotion with excellent bonuses available under the Alpari Cashback program for the most common and routine transactions:

Compete for a $100,000 prize pool in Stock Battle


Registration is open! Join for free using a demo account. A total of $ 100,000 will be awarded to the most active traders. The 1000 participants with the highest account balance will win. You can participate on any day of the stock exchanges.


Action «Hot Bonus» Forex-Market


Dear traders! The company «Forex-Market» congratulates you with the beginning of hot summer time! The thermometer is growing up degree, and we have to grow the size of your bonus! We announce the beginning of a new action "Hot bonus!" Deposit your account with the maximum benefit and the size of the bonus you can choose on your own. The whole June - time for hot bonuses from the company Forex-Market. Do not miss the best time for account depositing!


Period of action «Hot Bonuses» - from 01.06.2015 to 30.06.2015.

  • 1. Action is available for Standard and CENT real trading accounts.
  • 2. Minimal amount for receive the bonus – 100USD, 90 EUR, 5000 RUR.
  • 3. Maximal amount for receive the bonus - 3000USD, 2700 EUR, 150000 RUR.
  • 4. The maximum amount of bonus for verified clients - 4000USD, 3600 EUR, 200000 RUR.
  • 5. Bonus may be received unlimited times during the action's period.
  • 6. To get the bonus choose the amount and use the button "Get".
  • 7. There is the possibility of selecting the size of the bonus: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, or 50% of the Deposit amount.
  • 8. «Hot bonus» does not combined with actions “Welcome bonus +50%” and “bonus for the transition from the other DC +70%”.
  • 9. To use the action "Hot bonus» on one Deposit previously not participating in other promotions and services of the Company.
  • 10. Trading account can take part in other actions, services and contests of the company after the bonus will be fully worked out.
  • 11. Bonus won't be given if there will be any withdraws or transfers of funds from trading account during the action's period.
  • 12. The funds replenished as a bonus will be available for withdraw after performance of the next terms:
  • 13. For USD accounts - the amount of bonus in USD = the number of required lots.
  • 14. For EUR accounts - the bonus amount in EUR = the number of required lots.
  • 15. For RUR accounts - the bonus amount in RUR/40 = the number of required lots.
  • 16. The count will be recorded for any trading volume. In bonus's work-out will be accepted the orders which were performed after replenishment of bonus to the trading account.
  • 17. The bonus are not taken into account deleted and canceled pending orders and market orders contrary to paragraph 6.12 "Customer Agreement". In the event of the trading account Stop-Out level bonus is canceled. Period of bonus validity is 3 months from the day when bonus was replenished to the trading account.
  • 18. If the bonus won't be worked-out during the 3 months, it will be annulled on the Client's trading account. Company has right to change the action's terms in any time.
  • 19. In case of defining the action terms' violations or in case of using the bonus in any order, but the correct, Company has right to annul Forex bonus and the profit which earned using the bonus funds, unilaterally and without explanation.
06 June 2015

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Trading in Financial Markets carries a high level of risk for investors. All materials are published for informational purposes only.