Friday 26.02.2021
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ForexCup Trading Championship 2021

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Action «Ride a Wave» Fort Financial Services

Ride a Wave! Fort Financial Services

Dear Traders! Starting from the 7th of September until the 9th of October Fort Financial Services starts a new promo action "Ride a Wave". During the promo action for each profitable or non-profitable position an additional percent of the profit or loss will be credited to your account.


- 07/09/2015 - 11/09/2015; 21/09/2015 - 25/09/2015; 05/10/2015 - 09/05/2015 a bonus will be credited for each profitable position (the % is in the table below)

- 14/09/2015 - 18/09/2015; 28/09/2015 - 02/10/2015 a bonus will be credited for each unprofitable position (the % is in the table below). The rewards received for your trading can be withdrawn at any time without limitations.

At the end of the promo action “Ride a Wave” your accounts will participate in a Lucky Draw. By the method of a random selection, the 5 trading accounts will be chosen regardless of the deposited amount and the profit amount. For these lucky accounts, the rewards amount resulting from your trading will be doubled (please read carefully the terms and conditions of the promo action). These funds may be immediately withdrawn with no restrictions.

Start date Profitable position Unprofitable position
07/09/2015 8% 0%
08/09/2015 4% 0%
09/09/2015 2% 0%
10/09/2015 1% 0%
11/09/2015 2% 0%
14/09/2015 0% 2%
15/09/2015 0% 1%
16/09/2015 0% 1%
17/09/2015 0% 2%
18/09/2015 0% 3%
21/09/2015 3% 0%
22/09/2015 2% 0%
23/09/2015 2% 0%
24/09/2015 6% 0%
25/09/2015 4% 0%
28/09/2015 0% 4%
29/09/2015 0% 3%
30/09/2015 0% 3%
01/10/2015 0% 2%
02/10/2015 0% 1%
05/10/2015 1% 0%
06/10/2015 2% 0%
07/10/2015 3% 0%
08/10/2015 5% 0%
09/10/2015 8% 0%

The bonuses will be credited by an additional balance operation.

  • Promo action lasts from 07.09.2015 until 09.10.2015.
  • All account types may participate except the Newbie and PRO- accounts.
  • The minimum bonus amount is 1 cent on standard accounts and 0.01 cent on cent accounts.
  • All dates are recorded strictly according to the time zone of the trading platform, i.e. every following date begins at 00:00:00 trading platform’s time.
  • Only accounts with the balance from 200 U.S. dollars or more (or equivalent at the current rate in the terminal) will participate in this promo action. Amount of bonuses and trading results of closed deals will be included in calculation of minimal balance of 200 U.S. dollars to continue participation in this promo action.
  • The maximum amount of one-time percentage paid is limited to 50 U.S. dollars or equivalent
  • Total amount of percentages received for one account may not exceed 150 U.S. dollars or equivalent. The client may have more than one account participating in the promo action.
  • The accrued percentages are free to withdraw without any restrictions!
  • The company reserves the right to cancel all bonuses if promo action rules are breached.

Lucky Draw conditions:

Only those accounts which participated in the promo action “Ride a Wave” will participate in Lucky Draw.

At the end of the promo action, the balance of those accounts that want to participate in the Lucky Draw must not be less than 200 USD (or the equivalent at its current rate in the terminal). During the whole period of the promo action, i.e. from 07/09/2015 until 07/10/2015, the client who wants to participate in the draw must not withdraw the reward bonuses from the account. At the end of the promo action, all the accounts that have fulfilled the above conditions will participate in the Lucky Draw. By the method of a random selection, the 5 trading accounts will be chosen regardless of the deposited amount and the profit amount. For these lucky accounts, the rewards amount resulting from your trading will be doubled. The received prize can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Catch your Lucky Wave with Fort Financial Services!

07 September 2015

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