Wednesday 27.10.2021
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$40 No Deposit Welcome Bonus from Amega

40 USD No Deposit Bonus

Open your first account with Amega and get a free 40 USD trading bonus. We would like to invite new traders to take part in our latest promotion: 40 USD No Deposit Bonus.

Join FXOpen’s Money Managers Contest And Win Up To $5,000

Money Managers Contest

FXOpen invites traders to participate in the Money Managers Contest involving real and active PAMM accounts. Don’t miss your chance to win a big money prize out of the 10,000 USD pool! The Contest starts on August 2, 2021. Registration will be open for the next 2 months, starting from today, and expires on October 3, 2021.


TeleTrade deals a double attack on coronacrisis

Double attack

We’ve all faced challenges in 2020. But we don't plan on giving up! We are ready to deal double attack on the coronacrisis! Only in September fund your account with at least $500 and you'll automatically get:

1. A 150% bonus of the amount funded, but $5,000 at most;
2. 24% per annum of your amount to be accrued on the deposit, but only if you meet the trading volume requirements.

You can use several accounts to join our special promo. Fund you trading account in your Personal Area, or open a new one if you haven't joined TeleTrade yet.

Your benefits

You get a 150% bonus when depositing any type of trading account

You can also participate in other TeleTrade bonus programs at the same time

Go here to learn about 150% bonus requirements:

1. You can join the promo if you fund your account with an amount of at least 500 USD (with one or several payments during the promotion).

2. The bonus is credited once you fund your trading account.
Please be aware that funding only counts if the money is transferred using third-party sources; the funding does not include transfers between your Personal Area account, transfers between accounts of the company's clients, funding through TeleTrade's affiliate account, as well as funding using the money you withdrew from the company's accounts first.

3. The bonus has an upper limit of 5,000 USD during the promo.

4. The customer has the right to withdraw bonus funds from an account only after fulfilling the conditions for trading turnover in accordance with the bonus calculator. There are no restrictions concerning time limit for meeting trading volume requiements.

5. TeleTrade has the right to cancel the bonus if the customer withdraws funds from the account if the conditions for the completed trading turnover are not met.

6. TeleTrade has the right to liquidate open positions on the account without notifying the customer if the amount of the customer's funds on the account becomes less than the amount of bonus funds.

7. When calculating trade turnover, only volume of Forex and CFD instruments for metals is taken into account.

8. In case of non-compliance with any of the conditions of the bonus program, the bonus will not be credited.

Conditions of the bonus 24%:

1. Funds should not be withdrawn from the trading account during the billing month.

2. No interest is accrued for the month in which the trading account was opened.

3. Conditions on trading activity have to be met:
- The turnover of trading operations for each $ 1,000 of funds (including open positions) that are on the trading account at the beginning of the month must be at least 4 lots during the billing month.
- Only closed transactions made with FOREX and CFD instruments for metals are included in the turnover calculation. The transactions must meet the following conditions:
- A transaction's duration must be at least 2 minutes (120 seconds)
- The difference between a transaction's opening and closing price must be at least 0.05% of the opening price (equivalent to ~0.0005 points for EUR/USD)

01 September 2020

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