Tuesday 28.09.2021
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Summer is gaining momentum! Do not lag behind!

Ferrari F8

Agree, this summer is clearly not enough drive ... Do you want to get more emotions, movement, impressions?

The sporty character of the Ferrari F8 is suitable for those who love to conquer unexplored horizons. Driving such a car, you are provided with a sense of pleasure and pleasant excitement. Want this legendary supercar to be yours? Check your willingness to manage it.

Join FXOpen’s Money Managers Contest And Win Up To $5,000

Money Managers Contest

FXOpen invites traders to participate in the Money Managers Contest involving real and active PAMM accounts. Don’t miss your chance to win a big money prize out of the 10,000 USD pool! The Contest starts on August 2, 2021. Registration will be open for the next 2 months, starting from today, and expires on October 3, 2021.


$ 50,000 in the competition for WPC2021 partners from Weltrade


In partner competition WPC2021 each partner can get a x2 prize, that is, have a double win - it's real!

By cooperating with us and attracting clients, you can win additional funds.

The competition event started at 02.08.21 and will continue until 31.10.21.

In the competition:
1.  Partners from different countries of the world.
2.  Newly attracted clients are added to the result.
3.  Cash reward x2!
4.  Duration of the entire event 3 months.

You need to know! A participant can win a double win if: the best indicators in terms of total lot volumes, which will be demonstrated by attracted clients in the auction and who managed to attract more clients during the competition.

The total prize money for this competition is $ 50,000 - real money. The winning amount may well be withdrawn.


Competitive results will be announced on 05.11.21!

The winning result is the turnover and / or the number of registrations of new customers, registration must be completed during the current period of the competitive event.

Re-registration of clients and creation of fake profiles are completely excluded and unacceptable. Identification of such incidents will categorically exclude such partners from the competition.

Take part in the competition for partners WPC2021 and get your prize!

11 August 2021

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