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Competition from AMarkets - guess the course of the New Year

AMarkets — guess the course of the New Year

AMarkets announces a competition for the most accurate forecast closing rate of the currency pairs EURUSD and USDRUB the value of Brent oil (UKOIL) in the past year. The best predictors will receive trading bonuses that do not require testing, up to$ 100 in the account!


First three (3) participants, who predicted the Bid rate for three tools (either those who were closest to the mark), hit the jackpot competition: the trade bonus of 100$ per account (3 prizes).

First thirty (30) participants:

  • Who will predict the EUR / USD exchange rate - will receive a trading bonus of$ 20 to the account (10 prizes).
  • or
  • Who will predict the course of USDRUB - will receive trading bonus$ on the account (10 prizes).
  • or
  • Who will predict the course UKOIL will receive a trading bonus of$ 20 to the account (10 prizes).

All the bonuses in this promotion are trademarked and may not be working out!

Conditions of participation:

  • Like posts to share in Vkontakte or Facebook.
  • Share post on your wall.
  • Leave your prediction commentary under the post-do share and repost using hastega #MyAMarkets.
  • Acceptance of forecasts ending December 29, 2015 at 12: 00 GMT.
  • Each participant can only leave one forecast.
  • Predictions can be repeated.
  • Bonuses are not cumulative with each other. Each participant can receive only one bonus under this promotion.
  • Participate In the contest forecasts are posted in our official accounts of social networks Vkontakte and Facebook.
  • Results will be announced until January 8, 2016 AMarkets accounts in Vkontakte and Facebook.
  • Stay tuned!


EURUSD – x.xxxxx
USDRUB – xx.xxx
UKOIL (Brent) – xx.xx

Where x is the numbers 0 to 9.

* Terms of use of the bonus prizes are governed by the rules of the company AMarkets.

18 December 2015

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