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Competition «Boyarsky Tournament» IncoNeon


$ 1200 in prize money will be distributed among the three winners Boyarsky Tournament with the highest percentages of initial and final profit. It is a virtual competition customers IncoNeon, registered for the tournament and open a demo account at POS company (IN Trader, IN Multiterminal, In Mobile).

The tournament is held once every two weeks. Trading during the tournament - 24 hours from 0:00 to terminal time (GMT +1) the beginning of the end of the day until 23:59 the same day, or depending on the time of the instrument used.

About the beginning of a new tournament, as well as a trading tool, to be announced on the day after the previous one. Trading in the tournament run only allowed during the tournament. By the time of its completion, all transactions must be closed.

Extremity trade on major news outlets significant macro and corporate reporting, no doubt, fascinates many. Indeed, in such moments occur most important quality a trader, as a quick comparison of the facts and choosing the correct side of trafficking, a reasonable way out of position, as they say in time, to stress. And also, of course, at such times the liquidity of many instruments is greatly increased, and you have the chance to earn a large sum!

Prize fund - $ 1200

1 st place - $ 700

2 nd place - $ 400

3 place - $ 100

15 April 2010

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