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Spring Raffle from AMarkets with a $16,000 prize pool!

AMarkets is running the Spring Gold Raffle* with a $16,000 prize pool! The winners will be selected using a random number generator.

ContestFX - contests of traders from RoboForex this week (03.20.2023 - 03.26.2023)


In the coming week, the RoboForex ContestFX project is waiting for everyone to participate in the following sweepstakes:


Competition«Wandering bullet» FBS


Trading Contest for Demo

The competition is held on demo accounts 1 - 2 times a week.
Duration - from 2 to 4 hours.
Start Time of competition - announced at the forum for 4 hours before the start of the competition. End Time of competition - announced at the forum 15 minutes before the end of the contest.


Among the three winners of the prizes are distributed. One of the prizes - the main two - Incentive.

Before each contest on the forum made the announcement:
- What kind of place (first, second or third) receives the grand prize,
- Size and type of account.

The dimensions of the main prize:

First prize - $ 180 on account of such standard
Second prize - $ 50 per account type micro

Dimensions incentive prizes:

The first consolation prize - 10 $ (standard) or $ 2 (micro)
The second encouraging prize - 5 $ (standard) or $ 1 (micro)

Registration for the competition is held in the Personal Area

12 March 2010

08.04.2010 / 16:10
Один минус - нет определенного времени проведения. Приходиться постоянно заходить на форум. Но в этом и большой плюс - маленькая конкуренция.

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