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Contest «Dark horse» Broco

For the first time the contest on the platform Meta Trader 5!

In preparation for the launch of the trading platform Meta Trader 5 on real accounts of Group companies Broco Launches First Contest for traders at this terminal.
On September 23 and every Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 for you new competition «Dark horse».

The contest consists of two phases:

- First phase - from 18:00 to 19:00 Moscow trading is one tool;
- Second stage - from 19:00 to 20:00 MSK traded second tool.

Participants are responsible for choosing two tools with which they are traded.

To take part you need:

- Download terminal MT5, open an account type contest with a deposit of $ 1000 and 1:200.
- Post a request in the competition thread on the forum with the number of open accounts.
- Deadline for the contest ends one hour before the competition, ie at 17:00 GMT.

At each competition must check in again.

Contest Rules

- Initial deposit - $ 1000.
- A participant may register for the contest only one demo account.
- The participant has the right to make transactions on the account from 18:00:00 to 20:00:00 GMT.
- Trading in the first instrument allowed from 18:00:00 to 19:00:00, the second - from 19:00:00 until 20:00:00, at the close of trading on each of the instruments, all transactions must be closed, pending warrants are removed.
- Trading on both instruments is required.
- Limit the number of simultaneously open positions there.
- Limiting the size of positions opened there.
- The use of advisers (scripts) is prohibited.
- Stop / out 70%.
- At the end of the contest in 15 minutes (from 20:00 to 20:15) party, who believes that he claims to prize must publish a notice stating their balance in the contest theme.
- Do not work from the same IP on different accounts.
- Do not participate in the contest to close relatives.
- Do not participate in the contest the company's employees and their relatives.
- Participant who has breached the rules, should be disqualified, and has no right to claim the prize.

Victory conditions

The winner is the participant who is not violating the rules, has the largest amount of the deposit at the end of the competition.

Structure prizes

- 1 st place - $ 300
- 2 nd place - $ 200
- 3 place - $ 100

Prizes are listed on any specified by the winner. The winner may come from prize money at its discretion, including remove them from the account.

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20 September 2010

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