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Contest «Gagarin» AForex


Contest "Gagarin", one of the fastest and popular in the Forex market. It is held 1 time per day during the week and has the real prize Fund.

Every day, more than 150 people take part in it. By results of competition winners and participants that showed a positive return, receive from the company the prize money to your trading account.


Using in within 24 hours virtual the amount of $500 in transactions of purchase and sale of assets through the MetaTrader 4 platform, you need to get the maximum profit among all participants

Competition is held once a day on weekdays (00-00-23-59 MSK)

Winner receives $100 no Deposit bonus to your trading account.

Everyone who finished any stage of the competition with a positive yield when funding your trading account receives 100% of bonus funds.

Contest Conditions:

  • Participation is free for all.
  • Competition is held on weekdays. One round lasts for the trading day.
  • Every day a new winner.
  • Winner is the participant with the maximum profit among other participants of the tour.
  • In the contest can not participate the winners of previous lotteries, as well as close relatives of the contestants and winners of this competition.
  • Other conditions are governed by the Contest Rules. Please read the document to avoid confusion.
17 January 2011
Conducting trading operations in financial markets with margin financial instruments has a high level of risk and can lead to losses and loss of investment funds. When starting trading, make sure that you are fully aware of all the risks, as well as have the appropriate knowledge and experience for trading.

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28.02.2011 / 08:12
Главный приз конкурса за преодоление ранее установленного рекорда увеличен с 400$ до
3.000$ !
25.03.2011 / 08:15
Установлен новый рекорд конкурса "Гагарин" - 118605$. Теперь борьба станет еще интереснее и ярче - главный приз увеличен до 7 000$!!!
25.03.2011 / 17:20
Помню помню 17 марта, EUR, GBP, Aud да вообще все валюты упали против JPY на 200-400 пунктов за 5 минут, потом быстро восстановились. Конечно из 500$ сделать 118605$ за 8 часов - это что то фантастическое. Вряд ли кто то побьет этот рекорд.
06.09.2011 / 07:39
Новый рекорд конкурса - 315090$
Главный приз увеличен до 10000$

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