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Contests Traders (version 2.0) Forex4you

forex4you Company Forex4you offers you to take part in new competitions and championships of earnings in the financial markets. Contests are several types and are carried out on a regular basis. Most importantly, the company introduced an entirely new base for calculation of yield that will further enhance your interest and level of income.

To date, represented by several types of competitions. Each type is based on your style of trading, expressed in the ratio of return to risk. Thus, your choice will depend entirely on the risks that you are willing to work. The company also offer competitions for the type of account management, only to "manual" control, or using mechanical trading systems that will help to fully appreciate his "robot".

forex4you The essence of competition is very simple. Minimum number of participants must be at least a certain number of competitive accounts specified for each contest. The greater the number of participants will be registered in the competition, the higher will be generated total prize fund. All participants start to trade with the same deposits, advance to the same chance of success. Scores are awarded prizes of up to 40 times higher than their starting deposit. The prize fund and the distribution of prizes to the places being published before the start of the competition. Each participant, subject to successful trading, will be able to assess their chances for leadership in the ranking on the site.

Competitions are held on a permanent basis that will allow anyone to regularly take part in them and each time to improve their rates of return, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Terms of contests Traders 2.0 for participants:

1. Prize fund is unlimited, because company itself generates prizes based on the number of registered participants. Prizes and the total amount of prize money are published on the site before the competition.

2. Competitions are held on a regular basis and at different time intervals:

* - Daily;
* - Weekly;
* - Monthly;

3. Competitions are held in virtual accounts of the company E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.

4. Under the terms of each contest there is a uniform size of the initial bid deposit (the name in the Personal Area - "Deposit"), which can fill with any of your trading account in the Personal Area.

5. Contests are several types of return to risk ratio and are presented in the following categories: "Conservative", "moderate", "risky" and "aggressive". Each participant is free to determine for itself the amount of risk, and select the appropriate type of participation.

Thus, the higher the ratio of yield to risk, the less likely to take a prize. For example, the category of "aggressive", with the number of participants more than 100 and the amount of the initial bid deposit equal to 100 USD, the distribution of prizes can be as follows:

forex4you 1st place - 3750 USD
2nd - 4th place - 1000 USD
5th - 7th place - 750 USD
8th - 10th place - 500 USD

In this example, were 10 prizes of more than 100 participants. The total prize pool amounted to 10,500 USD. The maximum gain exceeded the initial deposit at a competitive 37.5 times, and a minimum of 5 times.

6. Contests also have a constant rating system, based both on profitability and on the setting time of closing of the transaction. Thus, for accounts with the same positive income, higher rank will receive an invoice, which closed the last transaction before, but for accounts with negative returns, that account, which closed last transaction later. Accounts, which have not made any transaction, the rating does not fall.

7. For each type of competition before the minimum number of participants, on the basis of which is determined by the size of the prize fund and the number of prizes. If the number of participants is less than is necessary for this type of competition then, the contest is canceled, and the registered participants receive a full refund. Moreover, if the number of participants is greater than the minimum increases as the total prize fund, and the number of prizes. Therefore, always follow the distribution of prizes according to the initial conditions.

8. If your account does not fall for the prize, your deposit goes into the prize fund (will be played).

Prize fund = amount of deposits of participants - committee of the company for competitions

Warning All requirements to clients based on the client agreement, including the right to require the company a copy of the passport customer when withdrawing funds from client account credited from the prize fund.

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15 April 2010

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