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Contest «Yes!» Forex-Market


Priority of Forex-Market is to create better conditions for trading. The company announces the beginning of the contest «Yes!».

Make trading operations during the month, get from them a profit, work in the profit and get cash prizes from us! Be among the three best traders at the end of the month and get additional profit to your already earned profit. Success and luck will accompany those who are committed to them, not seeing obstacles, clearly aware of its purpose and the way of its achievement.

Seek to achieve a profit and the company Forex-Market will contribute to increase your wins!

Rules of contest «Yes!»:

  • 1. Each month, the client of company “Forex-Market”, who fixed a trade deal on a real account type of Standard or Expert highest profit (in points), is awarded a prize:
    • this 1st place $ 100 (or equivalent in EUR, RUR);
    • this 2nd place $ 50 (or equivalent in EUR, RUR);
    • this 3rd place $ 20 (or equivalent in EUR, RUR).
  • 2. Register your trading account in the competition is possible through Personal Area.
  • 3. Take part in the competition can trade account on which the balance is not less than 500 USD (or equivalent in EUR, RUR).
  • 4. Trading account participating in the campaign "No Deposit Bonus" or connected to the service "No loss" cannot take part in the competition.
  • 5. In calculation includes all trading instruments except Spots, Metals and CFD.
  • 6. Using advisers is allowed.
  • 7. An indicator to determine the winners of the competition is the largest profit (in points).
  • 8. The nominee for prize is a trade deal from 150 points and higher.
  • 9. The result is determined by any trading volume.
  • 10. Monitoring of the competition is updated every Friday.
  • 11. The winner is determined by the last Friday of every month.
  • 12. Prize funds are credited to the client's trading account as a bonus and available for withdrawal / transfer after the following conditions are met:
    • For USD - not less than 50 full trading operations a total volume equal to 50% from the sum of bonus;
    • For EUR - not less than 50 full trading operations a total volume equal to 50% from the sum of bonus;
    • For RUR - not less than 50 full trading operations a total volume equal to 50% from the sum of bonus / 40.
  • 13. Accounting for working out the bonus carried out over any trading volume.
  • 14. In working out the bonus only those transactions will be considered that were committed after enrollment of bonus to the trading account.
  • 15. Profit from trading may be withdrawn from your account at any time, at the same time not worked bonus will be forfeited.
  • 16. Validity period of bonus since it charged on the trading account is equal 3 months. If the bonus is not worked out for 3 months, it shall be written off from client's trading account.
  • 17. When withdrawal or transfer of funds before working out the conditions of bonus, the last shall be written off.
  • 18. When working out the bonus deleted and canceled orders are not considered and market orders, contrary to paragraph 6.12 "Customer Agreement" not considered as well.
  • 19. The Company reserves the right to make changes in the conditions of competition at any time.
  • 20. In identifying violations of the conditions of competition or uses of bonus funds otherwise, except for its intended purpose, the Company reserves the right to cancel the forex bonus and profits made with the use of bonus funds, unilaterally and without explanation.
15 January 2015

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