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First Crypto contest! The prize pool is $ 20,000!


CryptoWars is the contest of traders on Crypto accounts with $400 deposit. The balance on a contest account belongs to the trader and is available for withdrawal after closing of an account in any time at the client's request.

WELTRADE offers winners the prize pool of $20000 in two nominations where each participant can win twice. Traders are allowed to use any trading strategies and re-enter the contest after closing of the contest account. No aditional fees are charged by WELTRADE for the contest participation.

Contest dates 29.05.2018 - 23.07.2018

Earn on cryptocurrency trading and get prizes!

22 May 2018

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TeleTrade gives its customers a deal with Ethereum as a gift! Earn on the growth of ETH


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ContestFX - contests of traders from RoboForex this week (05.06.2023 - 11.06.2023)


Dear traders!

This week, the RoboForex ContestFX project offers you the following competitive draws:

NPBFX invites you to a fundamental analysis webinar, June 8 at 20:00 Moscow time

News of objective and "fake" content regularly find themselves in the spotlight of participants in the financial industry. Moreover, even rumors can affect asset quotes, and dry statistics figures increasingly unfold the market picture by 180°.


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