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Forex Traders Contest 2023: free participation and valuable prizes

Demo Contest NPBFX

The competition, which has been tested for years and thousands of traders, is being held again in 2023 by a well-known company NPBFX. "Battle of Traders" is the name of the contest. It is organized on virtual accounts, which means zero investments and zero risks on the part of participants! Only bright emotions of a fair fight and, of course, valuable prizes are waiting for you! The sum of $2500 is the prize fund of the contest every month of the year. But that's not all! In each stage, you can also win a fashionable gadget: iPhone 14 Pro! Find out the most important thing about the "Battle of Traders" and go to the competitive account to become a super-winner!

"Battle of Traders" (English version of the name "TRADING BATTLE DEMO") is a safe and transparent competition for traders with an active position and any level of training. The organizer is the NPBFX broker. By participating in the demo contest, any client of the company can win real money and gain invaluable experience. The participant will not lose anything if he does not take the first to tenth place, but if he enters the top 10 traders, he will receive from 100 to 1000 USD and can claim the super prize iPhone 14 Pro.

How to become a winner?

All participants are in exactly the same conditions: each is credited with 5,000 virtual dollars to the contest account. The goal is simple – to "disperse" the deposit as much as possible within a month. The minimum required to get into the top ten is quite simple. During the month while the competition is going on, you need to close at least 10 deals and earn from 30% profit. The top ten most profitable accounts become winners.

How does the TRADING BATTLE DEMO competition compare favorably with others?

  • Free participation. There is no fee for entering the contest, there is also no mandatory replenishment of the balance with your own funds.
  • Comfortable conditions. The competitive accounts have a leverage of 1:100, low spreads, and the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • There are no restrictions on assets and strategies. Participants of the "Battle" can trade currency, cryptocurrency, commodity and stock market assets, different types of vehicles are allowed, including algorithmic trading.
  • Monthly holding. The "battle" lasts exactly a month, each new stage begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day.
  • The presence of monitoring, through which participants see the results in an online format and analyze the trading of other traders.
  • The winnings are credited to the trading account. In fact, the company gives real money, with the help of which traders in the first ten positions of the rating, the broker will send the winnings to a real account for trading on MT4. Winnings are available for trading, and profits can be withdrawn.

What prizes will the winners of the "TRADING BATTLE DEMO" receive?

Drive, unforgettable emotions and, of course, money!

First place in the rating: 1000 USD,

Second place in the rating: 500 USD,

Third place in the ranking: 200 USD,

Fourth and fifth place: 150 USD,

From the sixth to the tenth place: 100 USD.

All prizes are credited to a real trading account and are available for use in trading. The iPhone 14 Pro (or the equivalent of 1000 USD) is awarded to the trader in the first place with a deposit of at least 50 times more than 5000 USD.

Demo Contest NPBFX

How to take part in the "Battle" right now?

1. Go to the NPBFX website and register the LC.

2. In the list of accounts, open the "competitive demo account" type.

3. Trade and increase your deposit.

Help about NPBFX

NPBFX has been operating since 1996, more than 130 assets are available for trading, all traders' accounts are protected by a Financial Commission of up to 20,000 EUR. Access to interbank using STP technology, scalping and high-frequency trading are allowed, there is an Analytical portal and free training. Become a participant of the "Battle of Traders" and receive up to 1000 USD from a trusted NPBFX broker.

Registration in "The Battle of Traders" from NPBFX.

28 March 2023

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