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Contest «Real income from the account of virtual» V Tour. Forex-Market


Starting 5 round contest, the prize fund is now even more, now it is $ 5000. Traders from different countries and cities, from beginners to professionals will compete for prizes and share the entire prize pool.

Not miss the opportunity to take part. During the competition, increase the maximum deposit and take its rightful place "winner" in the table, got a real prize money to the account.

Contest rules:

  • - Registration starts in the competition from 24 of September.
  • - Register a contest account is required before October 7.
  • - The contest with the 8 th of October to the 2nd November.
  • - participate in competitions with the company's customers with real accounts like Expert or Standard.
  • - When registering a contest account, each party shall pay the actual data, e-mail, phone, a unique user name that will be used in publications of the competition results.
  • - Each client company has the right to open one contest account.
  • - When registering in the competition for a demo account is credited with - a deposit of 3000 $.
  • - Affordable shoulder 1:1000.
  • - Trading on the contest account held by instrument type accounts Standard.
  • - Trading Competition committed with virtual money and virtual account.
  • - Trading is at a competitive credit available by phone.
  • - Monitoring competition is updated at least once a day.
  • - Use of experts are allowed.
  • - Open trading positions are closed automatically at the expiration date of the tender.
  • - The winners of the competition takes place not later than two working days after the conclusion of the contest.
  • - an indicator to determine the winners of the competition is the largest deposit.
  • - The Company may at any time modify the terms of the tender.
  • - Prizes winners are transferred to a live account, the company has the right to request a username and password from the contest account, as well as proof of identity.


Place Prize
1 2000 $
2 1000 $
3 700 $
4 500 $
5 300 $
6 100 $
7 85 $
8 70 $
9 50 $
10 40 $
11 35 $
12 30 $
13 25 $
14 20 $
15 15 $
16 10 $
17 5 $
18 5 $
19 5 $
20 5 $

Prizes winners are transferred to a live account, the company has the right to request a username and password from the contest account, as well as proof of identity.

24 September 2012

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