Monday 25.10.2021
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$40 No Deposit Welcome Bonus from Amega

40 USD No Deposit Bonus

Open your first account with Amega and get a free 40 USD trading bonus. We would like to invite new traders to take part in our latest promotion: 40 USD No Deposit Bonus.

Join FXOpen’s Money Managers Contest And Win Up To $5,000

Money Managers Contest

FXOpen invites traders to participate in the Money Managers Contest involving real and active PAMM accounts. Don’t miss your chance to win a big money prize out of the 10,000 USD pool! The Contest starts on August 2, 2021. Registration will be open for the next 2 months, starting from today, and expires on October 3, 2021.


An advisor that will increase your capabilities! Real Market Volume

Real Market Volume

Hello! How to find out the plans of major players and determine the market trend? To do this, Gerchik & Co has a Real Market Volume Advisor - a professional tool for accurately entering the market. Shows the strength of price movements and market makers' positions.

Theory and practice of trading in the European and American sessions at the NPBFX webinar, October 21 at 20:00 MSC

Theory and practice of trading in the European and American sessions

Each trading session has its own advantages and limitations, and special trading strategies are applied for each trading session. As you know, trading on the FX market is available in 24/5 mode, but the most profitable and promising period for earnings is the intersection of the American and European trading sessions. At this time, the main financial news comes out, and the market demonstrates high liquidity. In order to get the maximum profit at the moment of crossing sessions, it is necessary to apply technical analysis methods and choose the optimal timeframes for making transactions.

Master day trading at the NPBFX webinar, October 14 at 20:00 MSC

Trading Template: Opening Europe

Do you want to make a profit on the financial markets every day? This is possible if you master the important components of successful intraday trading. Day trading has become popular among both novice traders and market professionals. The essence of day trading is simple - buying and selling assets during one trading session without transferring positions to the next day. Find out what factors influence intraday trading already this Thursday, October 14, at the free webinar "Trading Template: Opening Europe". The webinar was organized by NPBFX together with the Center for Financial Education FX-Instructor.

How to make money by changing trading sessions? Find out at the NPBFX webinar, October 7 at 20:00 MSC

Trading at the change of trading sessions

Market professionals consider the period of changing trading sessions to be the most promising for making a profit. What features of the "fast market" should be taken into account, how to create a trading portfolio to work during the shift sessions? Get answers to questions and other useful information at the joint webinar of NPBFX broker and FX-Instructor Financial Education Center "Trading at the change of trading sessions". The webinar is suitable for beginners and traders with an average level of training.

How to Build a Profitable Trading System? NPBFX webinar on September 30 at 20:00 MSC

Trading strategy

If you find it difficult to choose a trading strategy or do not know which one is right for you, use the unique opportunity to create your own TS. To develop an individual trading strategy, it is necessary to understand the rules of construction and the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of strategies, to be able to control the strategy in real time. You can get these and other important skills in developing TS at the training webinar of the broker NPBFX and the FX-Instructor distance education center "Methodology for building your own trading strategy." The webinar will be useful to everyone who wants to optimize their TS or build a profitable trading strategy from scratch.

Contest NPBFX

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