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ContestFX - contests of traders from RoboForex this week (30.01.2023 - 05.02.2023)


The coming week on the ContestFX project traditionally continues with the following competitive draws:


Analytical journal for traders


ForTrader.ru - the first free, interactive analytical journal, represents a team of independent traders. The magazine invites you to see the stock market from all sides, to assess the current situation using surveys and forecasts of the specialists on the basis of professional trading tools and tactics.

After just six months of the magazine has evolved from ForTrader.ru prospect in this publication. Twice a month, produced 70-80 pages only important in a practical trading information. Now magazine contains 20 categories, among them:

- Analytical reports on foreign exchange, commodities, stock markets,
- Articles on the psychology of trading and the characteristics of trading tools.
- Newcomers and those who could not decide on trading strategy, be able to find training lectures on practical work on the stock exchange, money management, new methods of analysis of the current market situation.
- Fans of technical analysis and programming provides an overview of indicators and experts, as well as lessons in programming for MQL.

Here is a list of headings offered today:

∙ Multi-currency analysis. Consider the current trends and developments.
∙ Who is stronger? Development of bovine and bearish sentiment. Activity of the parties.
∙ Looking for the best support and resistance. Technical analysis of the market for the coming week.
∙ Tool of the week. Report on the results over the past week
∙ No comment. Graphics and layout - you'll see for yourself.
∙ Gainers and downs. The alignment of forces within a week.
∙ We sell wisely. The correlation of currency pairs.
∙ Interview with S. .. finance companies and private traders.
∙ Keep or close positions? Trading recommendations for the commodity market.
∙ Secrets of intermarket analysis. Consider the stock market from all sides.
∙ The phenomenon of Elliott waves. Wave analysis and its application.
∙ The nature of the instrument. Study the characteristics of trading instruments and their applications.
∙ Opinions abroad. Overview of the views of foreign companies.
∙ Trading Strategy weeks. Learning the popular tactics. Writing experts.
∙ Meta Quotes Language. Step by step, learned the art of programming. Course of lectures.
∙ Likbez. Learning the nuances of trading strategies and work with teachers.
∙ It's interesting. Articles on the topic of trading.
∙ People and Facts. Little about the fate of great men.
∙ Interest from traders. The view of private traders and companies about upcoming changes in the market.
∙ Colleagues. Another view. Analytics from ...
∙ And that's not all.

24 March 2010

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