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Forex Traders Contest 2023: free participation and valuable prizes

Demo Contest NPBFX

The competition, which has been tested for years and thousands of traders, is being held again in 2023 by a well-known company NPBFX. "Battle of Traders" is the name of the contest. It is organized on virtual accounts, which means zero investments and zero risks on the part of participants! Only bright emotions of a fair fight and, of course, valuable prizes are waiting for you! The sum of $2500 is the prize fund of the contest every month of the year. But that's not all! In each stage, you can also win a fashionable gadget: iPhone 14 Pro! Find out the most important thing about the "Battle of Traders" and go to the competitive account to become a super-winner!


Autocopying deals: what is the essence of the service and why do novice traders love it?

NPB Invest Service

Incomprehensible terms, a sophisticated trading platform, training videos and books. The first steps require significant effort and time from the trader.

At the very beginning of the path, it is difficult to decide on many things:

  • How to choose a reliable broker
  • How to quickly master trading from scratch and develop your own trading system
  • How to avoid mistakes when trading on a real account

But there is another way for beginners. Simpler and more efficient. We present to your attention a service for copying deals. From the article you will learn:

  • What is a "deal autocopy service"
  • What is the essence of his work
  • Why beginners often use it.

And so!

Autocopying trades (also called "social trading", copy-trading) is a service that gives you accurate trading signals to open/close trades. From the name it is clear that the whole process takes place automatically, i.e. you don't need to take any proactive steps to manage each trade.

Why autocopying is easier than classic trading

You do not have to solve many tasks that automated trading can handle:

  • Analyzes the asset price, news background, and economic statistics
  • Applies a strategy by filtering false signals
  • Adapts to market changes

Important! In the course of a simple application of auto-trading on your trading account, you simultaneously learn, gain invaluable experience in competent transaction management. In the future, you yourself will be able to select more profitable trading strategies, as well as develop your own TS.

It's time to move on to practice and examples. Let's look at one of the popular services for copying transactions NPB Invest. The developer of the service is the NPBFX broker, which has been operating in the financial markets since 1996.

What are the benefits for the NPB Invest investor?

NPB Invest Service


You don't have to track news, quotes and use indicators. All you need to do is open an account with NPBFX and make a deposit of $ 100 or more. After that, you can enable automatic copying of transactions of the most successful managers of the NPB Invest service.

100% control over your funds

Whichever manager you choose, your money will always be physically located in your trading account. It depends only on you which managers' transactions will be copied to your account. Moreover, you can always pause copying trades from a particular strategy.

Full transparency

Data on all trading accounts of managers NPB Invest posted in online monitoring. Therefore, you can always see the main indicators of trade statistics without effort and completely free of charge:

  • Income (total, per year, month, week)
  • Successful deals,%
  • Risk level

In the platform, you can explore a number of other trading parameters of the NPB Invest platform managers.

What are the benefits for the trader/supplier of NPB Invest deals

NPB Invest Service

The first, of course, is income. Traders who submit their signals for copying receive a commission from followers' turnover. Not only you, but also dozens and even hundreds of other followers can copy the signals of a specific trader.

Second, the NPB Invest platform acts as a kind of advertisement for every trader who sets himself the goal of making money on his own TS.

You also get favorable trading rates: spreads and swaps will not be an obstacle to your profits. Check out all the information in the public domain on the NPBFX website.

How to start copying deals?

1. Register on the NPBFX website.
2. Open a signal account of the NPB Invest type in your Personal Account

NPB Invest Service

3. Fund your trading account in the amount of $ 100 or more
4. Go to NPB Invest and register as a Follower. After that, you need to connect your account to the platform.
Now you are ready to receive signals! All that remains is to choose a manager.
5. Study the ratings, strategies of managers and add to your trading portfolio.

Portfolio of managers: you can copy signals of not one, but several managers at the same time. A portfolio of several trading strategies will allow you to generate more tangible income in

Short terms. The advantage of the NPB Invest service is the ability to change the settings of strategies in your portfolio. For example, at any time you can stop copying or delete a strategy in your portfolio altogether.

How much income can you earn on the NPB Invest platform?

The service can be safely called a way of earning money that is beneficial for all participants without exception.

Profit of managers is formed by two positions at once:

  • Self-Trading Results
  • Commission from the turnover of followers

Investors' profit belongs to the category of passive income, which means that profit is credited if the manager closes deals with a plus.

Let's take a look at the real figures of profitability on the NPB Invest service itself: 15% of the profit for the end of the month can be safely received by both a trader and an investor:

NPB Invest Service

It is not difficult to calculate the annual yield: up to 180%. This means that both the manager and the trader can achieve excellent results and increase their initial deposit by 3 times.

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the development of technologies in trading, copying of trade transactions can take a leading role among all types of trading in the financial markets. It is already chosen by tens of thousands of traders around the world. Autocopying is an easy and convenient way to make money in the financial markets. It does not require significant time investment and large deposits.

Now all you have to do is choose which account you will start with: try demo account or choose to open real trading account.

23 June 2021

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