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Copy Trading 2.0: Explore New Opportunities


Dear traders! We are excited to inform you that AMarkets has taken its copy trading service to a whole new level.

AMarkets switched to a new service that ensures a more stable copy trading process.

Benefits for investors:

  • 100% transparency of trades – investors can see all positions opened and closed by a trader within a particular strategy;
  • Detailed statistics – additional information on strategies and their performance;
  • Convenient built-in strategy filter – speeds up the process of picking suitable strategies.

Benefits for traders:

  • Turnover fee is paid immediately after the trade is closed on the investor account;
  • Description of strategies – traders can now add descriptions to their strategies and specify any information about the strategy that may be valuable to investors;
  • Private strategies – traders can now provide access to their strategies to a closed circle of investors.

At the same time, the key copy trading advantages remained unchanged

  • Investor pays the performance fee only if the trader’s strategy is profitable.
  • Trader can earn up to 50% of the investor’s profit.
  • Investor fully manages his funds and investment: he can close the investment and unfollow the strategy at any time.

Don’t know what copy trading is all about? Let us tell you a few words about this unique service.

Copy trading is the easiest and fastest way to start investing in the financial markets, even without any trading experience.

How does it work?

A trader creates a strategy and trades on his account. The results of his trading are reflected in the strategy.

If you decide to invest in this strategy, the trader’s transactions will be automatically copied to your investment account.

What does it mean?

You don’t need any trading knowledge or experience to start making money. You simply select successful strategies and copy their trades.

The average yield per year in the copy trading service is +53.8%*

*based on the 20 most successful strategies

You can choose suitable strategies based on your preferences: you can pick more conservative strategies that generate a steady income or riskier ones but with greater profit potential.

Copy trading is your choice if:

  • You don’t want to dig into the intricacies of trading and investing, but you want to earn money now.
  • You have been studying the topic of trading and investment for a long time, but you haven’t made a single trade.
  • You want to devote minimum time and effort to investing and still make a profit.

Everything is simple

Invest in the best-performing strategies. Tap into the knowledge of professional traders and earn the same profit %!

30 August 2022

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