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Earn at the crypto currency in 2017. Overview of the most popular asset of our time


Now almost everyone has heard of such a financial asset as a cryptocurrency. Most people do not recognize the cryptocurrency, and I think its an empty place, but the most advanced representatives of the financial world know how to earn some money. This article will describe the prospects for peace on blockchain technology, as well as the most popular cryptocurrency and ways of earning them.

Value of cryptocurrencies

Currently, there are about 800 varieties of cryptocurrencies. Widely known which active demand is only 20. As you know, the most promising digital currency is called bitcoin. Recently he became the leader of growth and won the world championship for the development of all the financial assets in the last few years. But we should not deny the possibility that any of the cryptocurrencies may suddenly begin to grow and become the top among all digital cash.

Most brokers are interested in providing services on trade cryptocurrency, which actively attracts new investors from all over the world. Trading activities are engaged in almost all the leading companies, including broker AMarkets providing the best conditions for trading: 8 assets to work, the anonymous account to trade and specially selected investment portfolio.


Leading financial experts and analysts identified key benefits and features of cryptocurrency in the near future:

  • High level of demand among traders and investors.
  • High liquidity and volatility that allows for the correct prediction earn huge profits.
  • Significant level of market capitalization.
  • Great prospect for growth and development of cryptocurrency market in General.

Most popular cryptocurrencies

In the list will be marked cryptocurrencies that have the highest market capitalization. From a financial point of view, this criterion is one of the key to select assets for trading.

Market capitalization is the issued amount of the asset multiplied by the market value. At this point the number of bitcoins more than 16 million, this number is multiplied by the market value of $4300 and get a total market capitalization of bitcoin. In the recent time most popular cryptocurrency reached $ 5000 for 1 BTC. When the price was $2500, experts have argued that investing in the beginning in the$ 100 could bring more than $ 20 million profit. And if you imagine the investor holds the initial investment until now?

Not surprisingly, the first two spots confidently assigned to the bitcoin (Bitcoin) and ether (Ethereum). However, it is not necessary to extol these digital currencies above the heavens, because they have a worthy alternative, which was fixed from the 3rd to 10th place in the ranking.

In Addition to bitcoin there are other crypto-currencies, the demand for which is growing day by day Dashcoin, zcash for, Classic Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ripple. It is important to note that to open an account for trading all of these cryptocurrencies in the company AMarkets.


2013-2014 year was characterized by sharp movements, bitcoin increased in value in 90 times. In these years the bitcoin has started to actively attract investors, which started to slowly increase its population.

In 2015, the situation has stabilized, and the price for one bitcoin gradually reached the level of 450 dollars. In 2016, the sharp jump has led to the growth of the leader of cryptocurrencies, which started worth 950 dollars. In early 2017, the Chinese Central Bank warned investors on the risks of a bubble that could burst, the value of bitcoin for a couple of days with 1100 dropped to $ 800.

After a sharp drop of bitcoin began a new wave of growth, which attracted a huge number of investors which have started to be produced altcoins – other cryptocurrencies.

Almost all financial experts argue that cryptocurrency has unlimited prospects for growth.

Earn on a crypto currency with AMarkets

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08 September 2017

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