12:21 GMT+3 / 22.09.2023

FXOpen is teaming up with TradingView to provide the best platform for traders!

FXOpen TradingView

FXOpen has announced a partnership with the TradingView platform. As a result, traders will be able to use TradingView charts and analysis tools to trade the market via FXOpen. This will make the trading process more convenient and efficient.

The partnership will help FXOpen clients improve their trading strategies and make more informed decisions.

Linking your FXOpen Account to TradingView

In addition, linking a TradingView account to FXOpen allows clients to access special features and tools provided by FXOpen, such as risk management, automated trading robot and much more. All this makes trading more convenient and efficient for FXOpen clients. Linking a TradingView account to FXOpen is an easy and convenient way to get all the benefits of both platforms. Don't miss your chance to improve your trading results with this innovative feature from FXOpen. TradingView participants only need to log into their FXOpen profile, register and link their accounts in order to take advantage of the deepest liquidity with minimal spreads starting from 0 points.

Connecting to TradingView is simple:

  • Register with TradingView here (or use existing TradingView credentials) and connect your TradingView account to FXOpen.
  • Log in to your FXOpen personal account and add a TradingView account.
  • Transfer funds to your new TradingView account via an internal transfer.
  • Here detailed instructions on how to connect a TradingView account to your FXOpen account.

Learn more or add your account TradingView.

08 September 2023

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