Tuesday 26.10.2021
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Learn how to build an effective trading strategy on the webinar from NPBFX, June 6 at 20:00

Trading strategy

The Internet has a lot of information about trading strategies in the financial markets, including Forex. Books, articles, posts in social.networks tell the trader about dozens of working methods. However, often it not only does not help, but also hinders. Novice traders go through one strategy after another, not achieving success. With experience, traders come to the need to create their own trading strategy. Where to start developing your vehicle? How to test the vehicle and evaluate its effectiveness?

You can Learn to understand the principles of building different TS and start developing your own trading strategy this Thursday, June 6. Npbfx broker together with the center for financial education FX-Instructor invite everyone to a free training webinar "Methodology for building your own trading strategy."

Programme of the webinar included the following questions:

•  where to start, MTS or discrete strategy;
•  how to look for a "trading idea";
•  how to describe trading rules;
•  specifics of testing MTS and discrete TS;
•  how to evaluate the effectiveness of the TS when testing;
•  how to monitor the effectiveness of trading on the TS in real time, trader's diary and much more, with regard to building a profitable trading system.

When will the webinar be held?

Date: June 6, 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 20:00 GMT
Participation Fee: free

Project Speaker:

Viktor emchenko is the head of the FX-Instructor distance learning center, a current member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), the author of trading strategies and templates "HAPPY NEWS", "Opening of Europe", "Turn of Europe" and others.

To register for the webinar, fill out the participant form on the NPBFX website: https://www.npbfx.org/education/webinar_own_strategy/

05 June 2019

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