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TeleTrade gives its customers a Bitcoin transaction as a gift! TeleTrade is 28 years old!


In honor of the birthday, TeleTrade gives its customers Bitcoin! Open a deal to buy the most volatile, profitable and popular asset. Everything you earn from the price movement is yours. And TeleTrade takes on the risks of price reduction!

ContestFX - contests of traders from RoboForex this week (05.12.2022 - 11.12.2022)


Dear Traders!

This week, the ContestFX competition project offers you the following drawings:


«IHedge» - smart money management in Forex. FreshForex

FreshForex «iHedge»

Company «FreshForex» is the world's first intelligent money management in Forex - «iHedge». Do you want to earn more money and less risk? Protect your deposit from subsidence and loss? Or earn extra income from the Forex market? Then «iHedge» for you!

What is «iHedge»?

System uniqueness «iHedge» is that it is suitable for every trader, regardless of their style of trading. If you earn on Forex trading system increases your profits. If you are just learning to trade, «iHedge» limiting your risk. If you aspire to receive passive income on the Forex - a system also works for you. Impossible? See for yourself what advantages you «iHedge».

What advantages «iHedge»?

Biggest return spreads on Forex - up to $ 10 per lot plus the trade in? Connect the biggest return spread $ 5 per lot for all profitable trades and earn even more. Recently on the Forex and just learn to trade? Especially for you system reduces all spreads by 1 point, returning $ 10 for every losing trade. The choice is yours!

Deposit insurance from Stop-Out - a return to 100% of the amount of replenishment

Failed transaction? Tripped Stop-Out? Bring back your deposit and trade again! System «iHedge» gets you up to 100% of the amount of recharge to the trading account in the event of Stop-Out. It is important that you do not buy insurance deposit of failed trades - it connects absolutely free.

Honest bonus 33% x 3 for each deposit account

Get 33% bonus for each deposit account! This bonus gives you three benefits: 33% of the recharge can increase the volume of transactions by 33% to help reduce the risks of subsidence, in addition, a bonus of 33% of the recharge can be derived from the account.

Additional income up to 20% per annum

Trade actively and earn up to an additional 20%. Monthly basis as a percentage of the free, and the mortgage instruments!

Have new opportunities at every refill, each transaction, multiply your profit on forex trading system with unique iHedge!

You can connect the system «iHedge» already in the account «Classic» in the company «FreshForex».

14 March 2013

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  • Да, классный. И призовые нешуточные. Правда ...
    06.12.2022 / 12:35 - Vasil

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