17:16 GMT+3 / 30.11.2023

Invest in CopyFX with updated subscription modes!


Dear Traders, RoboForex analyzed the feedback from CopyFX platform clients about the existing subscription modes and updated them, reducing the number, but expanding the functionality of the remaining ones.

You can choose any of the 3 available subscription types and configure it for effective risk management when copying transactions according to the rules of your strategy.

Updated MT4 Subscription Modes:

1. Classic

Description: Trades are copied from the Trader's account to your account in the amount determined as the original Trader's transaction volume multiplied by the numerical coefficient you set.

For whom: Best of all, it is suitable for those who intend to receive exactly the same amount of profit as in the transaction of the Trader himself.

2. Proportional

Description: Transactions from the Trader's account are copied in the amount automatically determined by the algorithm based on the ratio of the Equity level in your account and the Trader's account at the time of the transaction.

For whom: The mode is designed for those who want to get the same percentage of profit as in the trade copied from the Trader.

3. Fixed

Description: With this type of subscription, all transactions from the Trader's account are copied to your account in a fixed amount that you have previously set for all transactions.

For whom: This mode will be convenient for those who want to test the functionality of the platform.

What is CopyFX?

CopyFX is an investment platform for copy-trading of its own design by RoboForex.

Through it, you can receive additional income from your own successful trades at the expense of clients subscribed to you, or copy Traders' trades and earn using their trading strategies.

More about the platform.

24 September 2021

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