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Journal of Market Times

Market Times

Journal of Market Times - accurate, objective and useful information for traders. Review of global trends. Analytical articles. Recommendations of experts. Description of the strategies. Monthly. For practical application.

Market Times - a magazine created by experts brokerage market for beginners interested in this business, as well as for qualified professionals, who have many years of living in peace quotes, stock ticker, and futures contracts.

The main purpose of publication - providing complete and comprehensive information necessary for the effective operation of traders in the markets - from the analysis of economic and political situation to the recommendations of new books. In general, the magazine Market Times - is a handy tool for efficient financial markets in any country.

Content of the journal is distributed on regular columns.

Under the heading "Global Trends" - analytical articles concerning the development and regression of markets of different countries, reviews the current economic situation and the measures that hold governments to "economic recovery".

The heading "Tools" covers the latest relevant changes in the currency, stock and commodity markets and gives an idea of what trends are and how it can benefit in terms of investment.

"Strategy" - a topic about the new trading strategies used in trading, including automated trading: A detailed description of each strategy, an indication of tools to use trading strategies and risk parameters.

Under the heading "Test drive" your readers can check out the new trading platform from the standpoint of their practical application. Articles are responsible not only to the question "What is it?" But the question "How do I use it?", "What is the quality of the platform?"

In "Diary of a trader" - records known analysts and practitioners, expert financial market Vlad Gurov.

In addition, each room contains the category "Training Center" (to assist the novice trader), "Stories from the notes" (the events of the past, nevertheless, of interest to financiers, practitioners), "Persona" (interviews with active market participants) and Of course "theme rooms" dedicated to the most current events and trends in the financial market.

Electronic Journal Market Times published Broco of Companies since March 2009 and published at the beginning of each month. Archive of all consist of rooms available at the official website of the publication as a PDF-file.

07 April 2010

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Trading in Financial Markets carries a high level of risk for investors. All materials are published for informational purposes only.