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Learn how to make money on intraday price movements at an online seminar

Торговая стратегия

Short-term Forex transactions require special attention. Changes in the market due to the release of news, economic statistics or other important information allows you to repeatedly record profits within the day. Traders who trade on such an aggressive principle should have a good command of graphical analysis. You can learn how to make quick and correct decisions in a limited time, multiplying your profits, this Thursday, may 9. Npbfx broker together with the center for financial education FX-Instructor invite all interested traders to a free webinar "Graphical analysis within the day: price levels, models and figures".

The following issues will be addressed during the online workshop:

•  Importance of Charles DOE's theory in modern trade.
•  Principles of time interval selection for graphical analysis.
•  Rules for determining important and unimportant price levels.
•  Analysis of trend continuation and reversal patterns.
•  Basic rules for building a trading plan for scalping.

When will the webinar be held?

Date: 9 may 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 20:00 GMT
Participation Fee: free

Speaker of the webinar: Yemchenko Victor Alexandrovich - head of training centre FX-Instructor, an active member of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences (RANS). Author and presenter of special courses: "Features of short-term transactions on the news", "Trading template: opening Europe", "Methodology for building your own trading strategy."

To record a webinar completed form on the website of the company NPBFX.

09 May 2019

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