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Grand Choice from InstaForex campaign has begun

Grand Choice from InstaForex

Registration for Grand Choice from InstaForex has begun. Take part in the big campaign with fabulous prizes.

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Forex Traders Contest 2023: free participation and valuable prizes

Demo Contest NPBFX

The competition, which has been tested for years and thousands of traders, is being held again in 2023 by a well-known company NPBFX. "Battle of Traders" is the name of the contest. It is organized on virtual accounts, which means zero investments and zero risks on the part of participants! Only bright emotions of a fair fight and, of course, valuable prizes are waiting for you! The sum of $2500 is the prize fund of the contest every month of the year. But that's not all! In each stage, you can also win a fashionable gadget: iPhone 14 Pro! Find out the most important thing about the "Battle of Traders" and go to the competitive account to become a super-winner!


Metal-currency accounts EXNESS

exness EXNESS company provides all traders with an opportunity to open metal and metal-currency trading account.

The structure of metal-currency accounts can
distribute funds among multiple client
precious metals and currencies. Due to this
distribution, the capital is secured from various
negative influences, such as inflation jumps or sharp fluctuations in markets.

The advantages of metal-currency accounts:

- Reducing the risk of influence of negative factors on your capital
- Safety in long-term strategies of
- The natural rate of return of your capital
- Simplicity and ease of operation and maintenance

To open the metal-currency account you will not have to produce any complicated procedures, with him as easily as with a regular trading account.

When you open the metal-currency accounts will need to choose the most appealing to you kind of account of the four presented. Limits on the amount of the deposit for opening such an account there.

Work with the account and monitor its state, you can around the clock, in a private office trader.

Types of accounts:


Ideally suited for long-term investment.
The growth of a basket of four metals over the past 5 years was 103.5%.


Package will allow dual currency hedge against the risk of price changes on the two major reserve currencies.
The growth of the currency basket in the last 5 years was 7.6%.


Basket of four world currencies of countries with a total world GDP of over 80% of ideal traders wishing to obtain maximum stability.
The growth of multi-currency basket in the last 5 years was -8.5%. Growth over the past year (2008-2009) amounted to 10.5%.


Aggregated tool, containing a four metal and four world currencies, the best way combines strong growth and preservation investtsy.
Growth of metal basket of currencies over the past 5 years was 23%.

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19 July 2010

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