Thursday 09.12.2021
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Promotion «Apple Bonus»: top up your account and get a chance to win a MacBook Pro and other prizes


Have you wanted to do trading for a long time, but there was no suitable reason? Now it is there — for all new customers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan, Alpari launches the "Apple Bonus" promotion! Top up your account in the amount of 300 USD and get the opportunity to win a MacBook Pro and other valuable prizes from the famous brand.

Don't miss the start of the next contest on demo accounts! Win 1000 USD and iPhone 13 Pro!

Battle of traders

The next contest "BATTLE of TRADERS" starts. Register in time and get a chance to win 1000 USD and iPhone 13 Pro!


New account type Invest MT5 is launched by TeleTrade


TeleTrade broker is proud to launch of new account type - Invest MT5 from 1 june 2021. Due to meet multiple requests from our clients we are to concentrate on equities and ETFs within this type of account.

"No leverage" will become a unique feature of this account type, so long-term investment strategies based on variety of stocks and ETFs will step up and become real alternative for MT4 account types due to lower costs.

No extra charges, additional fees or any other expances, rather than regular, will separate Invest MT5 account from traditional common stock trading and common ETF trading.

140 ETFs from more than 20 issuers, 214 top US market cap S&P500 institutions, 53 tikers from Xetra, Euronext, LSE, SIX, BM european exchanges and finally 45 symbols from asian exchanges TSE (Tokyo stock exchange) and HKEX (Hong Kong Exchange) will become available for trading.

More that 50 ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) instruments will be also added to current range of symbols shortly. We monitor closely any requests from our clients to upgrade our product further, so list of instruments available for trading will be updated on a regular basis.

Summarizing all above, we provide Teletrade clients with an option to trade 500+ financial instruments, build unique investment portfolio of your choice and diversify your investments dramatically.

07 June 2021

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