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New cryptocurrency from Kodak

At the end of January 2018 and a world leader in the field of photographs Kodak has announced the launch of the ICO's own kryptonite KODAKCoin. It will be implemented on the KODAKOne platform.

Main purpose of developing internal tokens is to create an encrypted property rights registry for photographers. Here will be registered both new and already created works, which will be securely stored on the platform. KodakCoin changes the economy of the photo industry, each participant of the system will be able to receive payment for licensing their projects, and safely sell their work on a secure site.

Using blockchain technology, KodakOne platform will provide continuous network monitoring and protection of IP addresses of images registered on KodakOne platform. Since the problem of unlicensed use of their works and copyright infringement is very important among professional photographers, they will become the first active followers of the project.


Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. will allocate $ 2 million for an innovative joint project between Kodak and WENN Digital. She already issued a contract agreement to acquire 8 million tokens KodakOne available in the first phase ICO.

Official website of cryptocurrency - https://kodakcoin.com/

Date selling tokens KODAKOne: from 31 January to 31 March 2018. At the moment, more than 40,000 potential investors have shown interest in the ICO project and now the developers are moving to the phase of checking the "accredited investor" from America, England, Canada and other countries.

Kodak has shown an active interest in blockchain technology for the first time. And, as soon as the first message about the intention to create your own cryptocurrency, the value of its shares for the day increased by 117%! Then the cost, of course, slightly decreased, but today Kodak shares have a steady increase of 37% (5.50 USD).

Teams and companies

KODAKONE Team consists of 7 people:

The project help to support qualified consultants KODAKONE

Kodak is a technology company specializing in visualization. It offers the use of hardware, software, consumables and services to customers in the fields of graphics, commercial printing, publishing, packaging, entertainment and commercial films and consumer goods markets.

Thanks to the international R &d technology, portfolio of innovative solutions and highly reliable brand, Kodak helps customers around the world to develop their business steadily and enjoy life.

WENN Digital, in partnership with Kodak, is the Creator of The kodakone platform and kodakcoin cryptocurrency. WENN Digital - experienced team of developers possessing in-depth knowledge in the field of creation of proprietary units, large-scale data, copyright law, image recognition systems with support for AI and systems of monetary compensation after licensing.

22 March 2018

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