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«From the first transaction to profitable trading» - a new online course on trading from market experts

Trader training course

As the construction of skyscrapers begins with the construction of a solid Foundation, and great success in the financial markets reach those who begin their professional path with the formation of a strong knowledge base about trade. What is a trading strategy and margin leverage, how to apply the data of fundamental and technical analysis, how to enter the market, how to predict your profit and minimize losses? Key issues of trading in the Forex and CFD markets are included in the program of the new online course "From the first transaction to profitable trading".

The Speakers of the course are the teachers of the trading center of the national research nuclear University "MEPhI", as well as specialists of the educational project FXinstructor.

Which traders are recommended for the online course: beginners with zero experience and traders with an average level of training.

Date and time. The online course includes 6 lessons for 2 weeks: 22, 24, 26, 29 April and 01, 03 may 2019. The beginning of each lesson at 20:00 Moscow time.

What will the participants receive at the end of the training:
•  learn the necessary terminology of the Forex market and CFD
•  master the skills of trading with leverage
•  will be able to apply fundamental and technical analysis
•  learn to make money on the news
•  master the rules of money management, to reduce risks and increase their profits
•  in real time will be able to practice correctly close and open transactions
•  will consider the main issues of the psychology of trading and the typical mistakes of Forex trading.

Additional benefits. Course participants will receive the author's trading pattern and best bonus from the teachers and company NPBFX.

Course Fee: 17 999 Russian rubles.

Get important knowledge about Forex and CFD markets from experts in a comfortable online learning format. Trade wisely and earn more!

Detailed online course program and registration is available here: https://www.npbfx.org/education/online_course/

16 April 2019

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Learn how to fix profits correctly at the NPBFX training webinar, November 30 at 20:00 Moscow time

Making a profit is the goal of any trading system. However, the ability to close a deal in a plus on time is a whole science. How to correctly determine the profit extremum at different time intervals? What are the key levels to consider when exiting a deal? Visit the joint webinar of NPBFX broker and FX-Instructor Financial Education Center "Optimal profit-taking strategies" this Thursday, November 30. Thanks to the webinar, you will learn how, when and in what ways you can correctly fix profits.


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