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Online course "Pair Trading-Hedge Fund strategy”

Market-Neutral Strategies

Good day! Among the many strategies used by major players, for example, hedge funds, Market-Neutral Strategies are especially popular. The advantage of these strategies primarily lies in the fact that the profitability of a strategy is often weakly dependent on the direction of the market (hence the name "market neutral"). The construction of a portfolio of instruments is not calculated on the direction of the market, but on taking the “delta” or the difference between the growth of some assets and the fall of others.

There is also a more interesting version of this strategy, called “Pair Trading”, in which trading is based on narrowing or widening the spread between two stocks, futures, currency pairs, which are highly correlated with each other.

We invite you to attend our three-day online course, which will take place from September 27 to October 4!

Course facilitator: Fuad Rasulov - trader, investor, asset manager with over 20 years of experience.

Attending the course, you will learn:

  • What is "Pair Trading";
  • Algorithm for making decisions in the strategy;
  • Key rules for applying the strategy;
  • Unique techniques that will open you a completely new world of trading, where the principle of “guessing” is partially abolished and the whole process moves into other categories, for example, finding the right pairs, calculating correlations and coefficients.

Course program:

Day 1. Monday

  • Correlation: basic concepts, calculations, parameters;
  • How to select correlating securities (futures or currencies);
  • Platforms and software for studying and calculating correlations.

Day 2. Tuesday

  • Methods of visualization of a group of assets (Spread vs Ratio);
  • Entry points when expanding and narrowing the spread;
  • Examples of correlated pairs (Stock + futures, ETF + stock, WTI + Brent);
  • Trouble in Pair Trading.

Day 3. Monday (practice)

  • Tricks of working with some sectors;
  • The work of market makers;
  • Working with the TradingView spread chart visualization program;
  • Working with the MetaTrader platform;
  • Examples of opening deals by strategy;
  • Opening several deals on a demo account using this strategy, followed by a discussion of the results.

Terms of participation:

The condition for accessing the course is the presence of a real account in Admirals, replenished in the amount of 1000 EUR or more. Trading strategies that will be understood on the course are suitable for traders and investors who have an amount of 1000 EUR and more on their account. This amount is not a tuition fee and can be used for trading or withdrawn from the account at any time.

Course start: September 27 at 18.00 Moscow time / EET

Register now.

26 September 2021

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