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Platform VolFix Broco


Innovative platform VolFix - a service created for information support of electronic trading. With the platform traders are able to keep abreast of all the processes occurring in the global markets, and instantly get information about price changes during the trading sessions.

Traders who use VolFix, get a deep understanding of the market and, accordingly, make the trading process more efficient.

This is a unique tool for:

- Determine the most likely scenario in the market
- Confirmation of the analysis conducted by trader
- Ensuring the optimal point of entry and exit
- Information about the strengths and weaknesses of market processes occurring

VolFix an orderly market data so that the trader was able to understand who controls the market and what is the direction of price movement.

C VolFix available understanding of the processes occurring with the tools of the largest marketplaces - CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade), NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange), NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

The platform VolFix realized the possibility of constructing classical market profiles (Market Profile) Peter Steidlmayer, a member of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. This product has been designed specifically to help traders, who traded away from the trading pit and were not able to control the activity and respond quickly to market changes. Market Profile implemented to provide real-time data on the amount that actually helped the traders outside the exchange floor to get more information and thus improve their trade.

Tools Volfix organize pricing data in accordance with guidelines, Market Profile, grouping the price ranges from 1 to 60 minutes, displaying the most transparent improved position within the trading day.

For traders who:

- Take into account when trading fundamentals and try to use the classic time-tested tools of analysis of market situation
- Interested in the direction of deals the big players
- Use data on volumes to minimize their risks
- Appreciate the unfettered access to information and effective system of data processing and visualization

Traders are available:

- Information on transactions in the last 600 days and the tick history from 45 days to one year
- Construction of the classical market profiles (Market Profile) and the profile of the electron volume
- Tick charts with a locking system and visualization of volume and search volume
- Counter volume in any period of the price scale
- Display system and the difference between ASKOM bidom (delta)
- Windows warrants to determine the rankings, and training

Broco owns exclusive rights to use the platform Volfix. This means that only customers Broco get access to information that is concentrated in the service.

Free demo account available!

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17 June 2010

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